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The Ultimate Guide on How To Clean and Get Rid Of Mold

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Mold is very dangerous to every property. So much so that it can ruin the structural elements, promote water damage, and drive down house prices. This is why every homeowner should know how to clean and get rid of mold. Even if they decide to hire professional mold remediation experts, it is always good to learn the basics of it. This blog will tell you how you can get rid of mold once and for all.

Californian homes can harbor mold. Since mold can spread very fast, you should know the Californian mold remediation requirements beforehand. EZ Plumbing and Restoration can help you to prepare and clean the mold. It will also help you to file insurance and purchase the necessary products to clean the mold.

If the mold problem is pretty big, it is always good to hire a professional company for Mold Inspection in California and Mold removal in California. Professional Mold companies have equipment that can come in handy during a very bad mold problem. They can reach often overlooked areas pretty effortlessly and clean the mold in a 100% safe and guaranteed way.

The ultimate guide for mold removal is given below:

Identify the Mold type

It is the best step to successful mold removal. If you can identify the mold type, you will take the necessary precautions and apply the exact remedy to tackle the problem. A large majority of Mold is pretty harmless to humans. Some may cause temporary irritation and allergies, but other than that, they are not lethal. However, black mold is extremely dangerous to humans.

If you can identify black mold, it is best to call mold removal experts for it. They have sophisticated equipment and safety gear to avoid the lethal effects of the mold. Mold Testing can be covered by mold cleaning companies. They usually send the products to the lab and get an extensive report on the mold type.

Use Natural Remedies

Using natural remedies for mold cleaning is a perfectly acceptable first measure. Natural ingredients such as vinegar, ethanol, or even hydrogen peroxide will work tremendously well on mold. Using Natural remedies is quite easy. You just have to mix the vinegar or ethanol with water. 70% of solutions are the best for mold cleaning. Once you have prepared the solution, spray it on the mold and clean it off. After the cleaning, you can spray it twice or thrice so that mold does not come back.

Beware, though, that natural solutions are not 100% solid. There is no guarantee that the mold is gone once and for all. So if you want to be extra sure, we recommend hiring a mold expert for cleaning. Natural solutions have the added benefit of being extremely safe for humans and animals.

So if you have pets and children at your home and you want to try something in line with DIY-ing before hiring a mold cleaning company, we recommend sticking with Vinegar-water or ethanol-water solutions. These are safer and will most probably not breach the warranty clause or DIY clause in the insurance agreement.

Use Store-bought products

There are many mold cleaners and sanitizers available in the supermarket. You can also buy them online. Dedicated mold cleaning products have one advantage over natural solutions, and that is you can be 90% sure that the mold will go away. The chemicals make sure to combat most mold types. When you buy the product, choose something which is eco-friendly and non-toxic, especially if you have kids and pets. There are many EPA and FDA-approved products that are generally safe for humans. There are also different products for different surfaces so keep that in mind.

Apply preventative methods

Prevention is better than cure. This is the best way to deal with mold and keep the expensive repair at bay. The easiest and most accessible way for prevention can be broken down into three things, water regulation, moisture regulation, and leak prevention.

Water and moisture is the main reason why mold begins to grow in the first place. Keep an eye on your basement, attics, crawl space, etc., to see if there is an accumulation of water and moisture. Always check if the sump pump is working or not. During rain check, if the drain system is working on your roof properly and if it releases the water away from the walls.

Install a moisture detector and if the moisture is above 50%, call an expert for dehumidification or install a dehumidifier yourself. Always keep everything as dry as possible but most importantly, keep a sharp eye on leaks. If there are leaks in your property mold problem is not very far away. By looking after these small key things regularly, you can avoid any type of major plumbing problem in the future.

Hire a professional Mold remediation expert

Mold problems can be very invasive if proper measures are not taken. The thing is, ordinarily, you only see the very visible mold on walls or furniture. Mold can be hidden as well. It can grow in your attic or crawl space without you knowing. Such cases only become apparent when it’s too late.

What we recommend is hiring a mold expert for 360-degree detection when you find mold symptoms around the house. The expert has sophisticated equipment to detect the hidden and visible mold around your property. Once the location and the type have been determined, the expert will use powerful but safe chemicals to get rid of them once and for all. They will also use preventative methods to keep the problem at bay.

EZ Plumbing and Restoration can be an excellent company for dealing with mold problems in your home and businesses. We employ the best professionals in the business who assess situations properly and come up with effective solutions. They are also licensed and insured, so you do not have to worry about anything. Call our office to know more about our services.

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