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Leading restoration companies in San Diego

Get Your Property Back To Its Safe, Pre-incident Stage With 100% Guaranteed

Cleanup And Restoration

Water damage is not an uncommon problem. Whether from natural rains or plumbing disasters such as an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, water damage events require immediate action. If you miss it, it lingers there day, leading to mold as well as causing the wood to warp, drywall to crumble all along the way. So, with no ado, you need to call professionals to mitigate, repair, and restore the structural damage that water causes.

EZ Plumbing and Restoration is one of the leading restoration companies in San Diego. We have been active for 30 years in the state of California and have successfully navigated through the evolution of plumbing. You can rely on us for every problem related to water damage, as we can handle everything from water extraction, structural drying, and cleanup to rebuilding.

A lot of things can go wrong while dealing with water damage. And if you miss anything, the situation will become terrible. It becomes difficult to come back to normal. But don’t worry about accuracy with us. Our water damage repair services are backed with a 100% guarantee across San Diego. Your money will be spent for a reason without any hassle of further cause of concern.

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    Water Damage Repair Teams In San Diego

    Get Peace Of Mind With Thorough Restoration 24/7.

    Our water damage repair professionals in San Diego rescue your property and valuables quickly, as our plumbing teams are available 24/7 throughout the week, including holidays. We understand the inconvenience you are experiencing, so our expert team will arrive at your desired location within the first hour of your call. They are fully equipped when they arrive to provide water removal and cleanup.

    As one of the leading restoration companies of San Diego, we ensure detection, repair, recovery, revision, and everything else with absolute clarity. Everything is thoroughly discussed and estimated before undertaking the course of action. Our experts are swift in handling the aftermath. Although the water damage restoration process sounds long, they restore your property to working order in no time.

    Mitigate Damage With Comprehensive Water Damage
    Restoration Services In San Diego

    Sewage restoration

    Sewage problems and water damage go hand in hand. In fact, sewage might be the sole reason for water damage. Our sewage restoration services include everything from leak detection to cleaning and sanitization. You can rely on us for a thorough inspection and reach the core of the problem.

    Renovation & Remodeling

    Water damage recovery can be an excellent opportunity for a renovation of the plumbing system and your property. Products that you need for renovation can be directly bought from us. Our experts will evaluate and formulate plans for the renovation.

    Structural Restoration

    Water damage restoration by EZ Plumbing and Restoration is a complete service. Water damage can occur in your floors, walls, or other structures. In such cases, we provide replacement services for walls, floors, etc. Structural restoration also includes electrical revision and mold remediation.

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    Water Damage Cleanup In San Diego

    Our water damage cleanup packages in San Diego are comprehensive yet customizable. Add or drop any services you do not want. We maintain a flexible approach while planning; thus, massive changes could, in fact, take place during the restoration or cleanup. Our cleanup services include:

    Water Mitigation: Puddles of water are the biggest enemy to any property. We use highly specialized pumps and dehumidifiers to remove even the trace amount of water from the property. Our water mitigation crews cover the hard-to-reach areas such as subfloors, basements, roofs, etc., and clean them too. They are exceptionally fast; therefore, you do not have to waste time.

    Sanitization: Sanitization is another one of our specialized services. We use eco-friendly sanitizers to destroy the growth of deadly microbes. Sanitization of the entire property is optional but highly recommended as it has massive health benefits.

    Mold Removal: Mold and mildew are not only undesirable but also unhealthy to a property. We use eco-friendly chemicals for removing molds as well. After that, we apply preventative chemicals. So it does not come back. We run tests for black molds and take necessary precautions.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.