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Full Range Of Plumbing Services in Orange County

EZ Plumbing Restoration has licensed commercial and residential plumbers to meet all plumbing needs.

Whether you need to install bathrooms with touch-free fixtures, fix a water leak, replace an old water heater, adjust the water pressure regulator, unclog drains, or conduct sewer line repairs, find an expert plumber in Orange County who will do a guarantee-backed flawless job.

You might prefer affordable plumbing products or luxury plumbing fixtures - for installation, repair, and maintenance, count only on EZ Plumbing Restoration!

24-Hour Plumbing Solution in Orange County At Affordable Prices


Faucets, sinks, water heaters, water softeners, sump pumps, kitchen cabinets, garbage disposals, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, repiping…we have the best-qualified plumbers for every home plumbing need (installation, repair, or replacement). Save time and money and avoid hassles by choosing our services.


For the best professional plumbing services in Orange County from certified commercial plumbers, call us! We have extensive experience in any scale of commercial plumbing job for clinics, offices, clubs, restaurants, stores, schools, and various commercial properties.


Find complete support for water damage restoration - leak repair, water removal, cleanup, decontamination, carpet cleaning, mold removal, or demolition and reconstruction! Find amazing damage repair options within your budget!

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Reasons To Choose EZ Plumbing Restoration Plumber In Orange County

Great quality cleanup services, warranty-backed renovation, affordable rates, and amazing cooperation!

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Affordable, On-Time & Efficient Plumbing Services In Orange County. Hire EZ Plumbing Experts Now!

Find emergency plumbing services in Orange County for leak repair. Broken faucets, leaking sinks, a leak in the laundry line, a hot water leak, or a slab leak? We have 100% efficient, reliable, long-lasting solutions to fix any type of plumbing leak.
Instead of using cheap, harsh chemicals that slowly ruin your drain lines, get the best quality, environment-friendly drain cleaning services that leave your drain pipes in great condition. Remove bacteria buildup and find solutions to prevent frequent drain clogging.
Tree root intrusions and major sewer line clogs are best removed through hydro jetting. Our expert plumbing Orange County technicians have the best equipment for water jetting and trenchless sewer line repairs. Get expert solutions to get rid of sewer line troubles quickly.
We have decades of experience in installing pipelines for residential and commercial properties. Call us and find expert advice about the right pipe material and get long-term warranty-backed piping or repiping solutions. We help you keep your plumbing in great condition!
Whether you need to install a faucet, sink, garbage disposal unit, hot water dispenser, water filtration unit, under sink plumbing, leak sensor, or upgrade other kitchen fixtures, contact us! Our expert plumbing Orange County contractors have a great track record in plumbing installation. We get you the best products that delight you, are best-fit for your premises, and are long-lasting. Make your bathroom the most comfortable and relaxing place with elegant fixtures that are also long-lasting and within your price range. We have a stock of great bathroom plumbing products and offer 100% accurate installation services. If you are planning to replace worn-out faucets and sinks or install a new shower system or tub, EZ Plumbing Restoration contractors are your best bet.
For installing or upgrading toilets, you need to get numerous things right, from the location of main drain lines, pipe size, water flow, and lifespan of parts to dimensions and shape. Make the entire process, from consultation and purchase of fixtures and pipes to installation and renovation, easy to manage by hiring an EZ Plumbing Restoration contractor.
Call us and find out if tankless water heater installation is best for you. Would you need 1-2 on-demand water heating systems based on your hot water needs, or should you stick with a storage water heater? Do not let bad decisions take away your peace of mind. Find the best tankless water heater installation services through honest consultations when you hire our plumbing specialist in Orange County!
If you are looking for a top plumbing specialist in Orange County for water heater installation, repair, or replacement, call EZ Plumbing Restoration. Our water heater services are guarantee-backed. We have the best plumbers in the county for installing or repairing gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, and heat-pump-based water heating systems.
We have certified technicians for mold inspection, removal, and remediation. Find the right solutions to keep your premises mold-free for a long time. Also, find repair and replacement services for mold-damaged items.
Material affected by class 3 or dark water damage cannot be reused, but many times, appliances can be repaired. Our plumbing company in Orange County will ensure quick measures and accurate assessment for optimum recovery. Get complete water damage repair services - structural, plumbing, electrical - from our licensed contractors.

Why Hire EZ Plumbing Restoration Plumbing Specialist In Orange County?

Our plumbers go beyond superficial problems to determine the root cause of any plumbing trouble.

By hiring an EZ Plumbing Restoration professional, you increase the safety, health, quality, and long-time performance of the plumbing fixtures on your property. You also benefit from clean, green, and durable plumbing service delivery. You also get fast responses to any concerns you ever have. Trust in our company when you need perfection in plumbing service delivery.

Find out more about our strengths!

Our experience spans several decades. We know everything about all kinds of pipes and plumbing fixtures that have been used in California over the last 60-70 years. With our network and resources, you can get good-quality plumbing fixtures at their lower price range. Through our installations, you can enjoy the benefits of high performance across the product’s lifespan.

Our plumbing company in Orange County has a large team of plumbers and plumbing contractors present across cities. For emergency services, you find a plumber at your premises within 1 hour. When you book a service, you get instant guidance from a plumber.

We focus on completing any plumbing job on the same day and in one visit. Some kinds of installation work, such as slab pipe rerouting and wall plumbing repiping, that involve minor demolition and renovation can take more than a day. You can rest assured of getting the job done (with perfection and guarantee) within the shortest possible time.

Our certified plumbers guarantee first-time-right services. You will never have to worry about paying more to fix the mistakes made by a plumber you hired. Our services are at par with industry standards and 100% compliant with plumbing codes and health and safety rules.

EZ Plumbing Restoration in Orange County has the best-qualified, experienced plumbers who use the latest tools to detect and repair plumbing lines and fixtures. Our expertise and high-tech tools make any plumbing service delivery fast and perfect.

We only hire expert, licensed plumbers with amazing track records. Our company conducts background checks and tests to ensure we have trustworthy, knowledgeable plumbers to serve our customers.

When you get a plumbing job done by our professionals, you will be amazed by their superior workmanship. There is attention to minute details at every step of a plumbing repair, installation, maintenance, or replacement work.

Whether you need to install a faucet, a drain sieve, a bathtub, a shower system, a water leak sensor, a tankless water heater, a bidet, or a toilet, get access to a wide range of affordable but great-quality kitchen and bathroom plumbing solutions.

Advantages Of Working With Plumbing Experts In Orange County

water saving fixtures


Are you planning to make your home more energy-efficient? Are you motivated to buy water-saving plumbing fixtures?

EZ Plumbing Restoration offers solutions to help you meet these goals. Through excellent assessment of your property and your water and energy needs, we identify products/models that best suit you - water-saving faucets and showerheads, energy-efficient water heaters, dishwashers, hot water recirculation systems, etc



EZ Plumbing Restoration has certified professionals to assess water damage, initiate damage mitigation, and carry out full-scale flood/water damage restoration with total efficiency.

Whether there is class 2 water damage or class 3, you will get back your premises in a safe, mold-free, health-hazard-free, and pristine condition within the shortest possible time. We offer highly transparent and affordable pricing plans to help you deal with such disasters without much stress.

flood recovery and damage restoration
commercial plumbing solutions


Plumbing problems can create discomfort at any office or store but can be disastrous for businesses like restaurants and salons.

It can drive away customers and impact your business reputation.

Place your trust in EZ Plumbing Restoration! Consult with us and find innovative, personalized solutions that can help you prevent problems like no water supply, leaking equipment, sewer line leaks, or water heating issues.

Don’t let plumbing troubles drain your hard-earned money from time to time!

Call EZ Plumbing Restoration to get world-class plumbing services that last longer and cost less!


Do you have a lovely property in Orange County-residential or commercial-that you plan to sell or put on lease?

To strike a great deal, you need to get a good report from an independent plumbing inspection. We know what constitutes a great report and can help you take the right measures cost-effectively so that your property gets good value.

improving property value
remodeling and retrofitting support


Contact us to find a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and certified plumbing contractor who can offer high-quality and comprehensive support with home remodeling or property retrofitting.

  • Assessment and foolproof plans for whole-property plumbing upgrades

  • Smooth coordination with engineers for code-compliant, clash-free plumbing installations

  • Consultation to identify the right-fit plumbing products (size, dimension, usage pattern, energy usage, water flow, capacity, features, etc.)

What Our Clients Say

Our esteemed clients have praised our top-notch, affordable, and on-time plumbing solution. Here is what they have said about us.

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Before I found EZ Plumbing Restoration, I had to deal with plumbing leaks, dripping faucets, and laundry line hiccups all the time. But after hiring this company, I am thoroughly satisfied. No plumbing headaches for a long time.

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When I need a plumber, I call EZ Plumbing Restoration. No other company has offered me the same level of consideration and support. Any plumber they send is courteous, understands my concerns, and schedules services in the most convenient manner. Top-quality service tool

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I hired this company to renovate my bathroom, and they did a beautiful job. They provided everything exactly as I preferred - a compact sink, a solid-surface and eco-friendly bathtub, and a floral backsplash, and they got me everything at a good price. Their workmanship is also fabulous. I highly recommend EZ Plumbing Restoration.

FAQ - Orange County Plumbing Specialist

Plumbing work refers to the installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance of water, drain, and sewer line pipes and various fixtures like faucets, sinks, bathtubs, shower systems, dishwasher, water heater, basin, or water pressure regulator. Great quality plumbing work is essential for routine life comfort and the smooth functioning of plumbing systems in your property.

Plumbing services cost or pricing depends on many factors. To fix a minor leak, a plumber may charge a flat rate of $100-$150. To repipe an entire pipeline, the charges can range from $400-$2000. The charges depend on the pipe material costs, dimensions, valves and components to be used, type of labor needed (including digging, demolition or replastering work), and the complexity of the job.

The checklist for hiring a plumber will include the following points - licensure, insurance, references, guarantee/warranty, and plumbing service costs.

Call EZ Plumbing Restoration and find a certified plumber near you within minutes. All our plumbers are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can easily check the relevant documents. Our plumbers also offer guarantee-backed solutions.

The best plumbing company in Orange County, CA, is EZ Plumbing Restoration. We have the best-qualified plumbers, top-notch plumbing tools, excellent service delivery standards, fast-response customer service, affordable pricing, and a friendly attitude.

Plumbing problems get bigger over time. A small leak can turn into a burst pipe or cause hidden water damage. It is always wiser to call a plumber as soon as you notice a plumbing problem.

Tips By Our Certified Plumber Expert To Keep Your Property Safe From Potential Plumbing Hazards.

To help you mitigate the plumbing problems, we have provided a list of tips in the following blog posts. It will help you manage the plumbing challenges easily.

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