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affordable services for slab leak detection repair in newport beach

Affordable Services For Slab Leak Detection & Repair In Newport Beach

Any kind of water leak translates to spending on pipe repair and related water damage repair. You also find a spike in water bills. Your total costs might round up to four figures!

How to find affordable slab leak repair services in Newport Beach? EZ Plumbing Restoration is the answer.

Our pricing is competitive. Our solutions are first time right - no additional costs for frequent repairs. We have access to plumbing materials at or near factory prices. So, overall repair costs come down! You spend little for better results.

Complete Solutions For Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Newport Beach


An EZ slab leak detection specialist is your best choice for an accurate, fast, non-invasive, and efficient leak inspection. We have high-tech tools to detect pipes under the slab and identify leak spots without digging through the concrete. We also offer video-pipe inspection services.


We have expert plumbers for all kinds of slab leak repair options- direct access repair, tunneling under the slab, or pipe rerouting. You get fact-based reports on what methods best suit your property and scenarios- pipelining, replacing the damaged pipe section, or repiping.


Get services for repairing damage caused by slab leaks - carpet cleaning/replacement, mold removal, replacing damaged flooring, or mold-damaged material. Within a simple budget, find admirable damage repair options.

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Why Choose EZ Plumbing Restoration For Slab Leak Specialist In Newport Beach?

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Why Hire EZ Plumbing Slab Leak Detection Company in Newport Beach?

If you have a property built on a concrete slab foundation and there are plumbing lines under the slab, you need to be aware of the type of pipes in there. If the pipes were installed 40-60 years back, a thorough slab pipe inspection will reveal what state the pipes are in. Have the pipes started rusting? Are any of the pipes off-grade? Is there a heavy scale-buildup inside? Are there kinks and dents or signs of abrasion?
For professional slab leak detection, you need the services of a licensed plumbing professional. They have the training and knowledge gained through 1,000+ hours of plumbing work. An experienced licensed plumber offering slab leak service in Newport Beach can quickly detect not only the leak source but also identify the root cause and potential consequences.
The EZ Plumbing Restoration slab leak Newport Beach team has the best-qualified plumbers. They have dealt with thousands of cases over the course of their career. They always ensure 100% accurate, reliable reports and solutions.
Many homeowners prefer DIY methods to fix a slab leak. No doubt, many people might have fixed the problem temporarily. But if the leak is recurring, not conducting a professional slab leak detection can prove disastrous. Severe water damage to slab foundation and flooring translates to expensive repairs taking several days. Damp floors trigger mold growth, which can ruin carpets and furniture and cause severe health issues.

Here are a few more scenarios that call for professional slab leak detection:

  • ➢ Before buying a new property with slab plumbing
  • ➢ Presence of aging pipes under the slabs
  • ➢ Signs of a hidden underground leak
  • ➢ Constant low water pressure (despite leak-free plumbing in the house)
  • ➢ Damp or wet spots on the flooring and mold growth
  • ➢ Spike in water bills despite normal water usage
Our company has been delivering plumbing services for several decades. We have helped millions of people save thousands of dollars through our superlative slab leak detection and repair services. It takes us very less time to detect not only the leak spot but also the root cause of the leak. This helps in long-lasting leak repairs that are customized to offer maximum satisfaction to the client.
All EZ Plumbing slab leak service Newport Beach technicians are certified professionals. We have licensed, insured, bonded plumbers and plumbing contractors. Whether it is a simple fix involving spot repairs or complex restoration work, call us, and you will find well-organized, fast, durable, secure, and top-quality slab leak repair services in Newport Beach.
We have a range of high-tech leak detection and inspection tools to quickly and non-invasively discover leak spots underground, irrespective of the flooring type (wood or stone) and pipe material (metal or non-metallic). IThe equipment we use includes sonic leak detection tools, electronic amplification tools, electromagnetic pipeline locators, gas tracer systems, and video-pipe inspection tools.

Slab Leak Detection & Repair Process - EZ Plumbing Restoration

The efficiency of the slab leak detection process depends on the expertise of the professionals and their skills.

With the right slab leak detection Newport Beach team, your property is in good hands. They will use certified processes to determine where the leak is and carry out repairs based on what is good for the property. The leak spot can be anywhere - even beneath the walls or expensive fixtures. Digging through could prove to be a disaster.

Trust in a company that ensures guarantee-backed repairs and superior service quality. Here is how EZ Plumbing Restoration professionals will undertake the process.

An EZ Plumbing slab leak detection Newport Beach professional will use the right set of instruments to find out where the leak is located in the slab plumbing. No digging work is required. Our plumber will identify if it is a water line leak or a drain or sewer line leak, and if there is a burst pipe under the slab or a pinhole leak.

You get fact-based reports that are critical for the right solutions. For aging, off-grade, or deteriorated pipes under the slab, we recommend a video pipe inspection or a detailed inspection. This will involve minimal digging. This type of leak inspection reveals the presence of rust, clogs, or cracks inside the pipeline. If there is a severely damaged pipe with multiple cracks, the earlier you find out, the better for your property.

Following slab leak detection and inspection, you get a clear and accurate idea of what is wrong with the plumbing under the concrete slab. If there is a pinhole leak, which is easily accessible for repairs, the direct-access repair is an effective option. It might be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. EZ Plumbing professionals ensure 100% reliable, first-time-right repairs in the shortest possible time in just one visit. We clean up before we leave, leaving you nothing to worry about.

If the leak spot is under expensive flooring and fixtures, digging through might not be an option you can take. If you have ample space around your premises, then tunneling under the slab is up for consideration. Our plumbers will access the pipe from the exterior tunnel and carry out the repairs. This can take a few hours. We offer services to get everything back to order again - refilling the tunnel, clearing the debris, etc.

Pipelining is a trenchless option involving minimal digging - only access holes are created. The interior of the pipe is cleaned. The plumber then applies epoxy pipe liners to seal the cracks in the pipe. It is also called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repairs, as the lining is done with an epoxy coating, which eventually hardens to form a new pipe.

Pipe coating is a process of applying coating on the exterior wall of the pipe and sealing the cracks. It also helps prevent corrosion and factors such as acid soil, wet conditions, and so on. The EZ Plumbing Restoration slab leak repair professional ensures a warranty-backed job.

We ensure that the coating is correctly and evenly applied and adheres to the pipe wall, leading to long-term peace of mind. Pipe Bursting involves the insertion of a new pipe with a “bursting head” that fractures the existing pipe as it is pulled through. The new pipe is dragged and pulled into place to replace the damaged pipe.

If the leaking pipe section is an off-grade or deteriorated plumbing section, then pipelining or coating might be a temporary fix. The leak can occur at any time within a few months. Partial repiping offers the perfect solution. If multiple plumbing lines under the slab are badly damaged, then full slab repiping is the only way to get rid of frequent slab leaks for decades. It would be a one-time investment that could prevent the costs of frequent leak repair.

Homeowners who want a permanent solution to slab leak issues also find slab pipe rerouting to be an ideal solution. This is, however, a complex procedure that requires demolition and reconstruction. Residents often have to leave the property for a few days. The process involves discontinuing the old slab plumbing lines (hot water, normal water, and drain/sewer). New water and drain line pipes are installed inside the walls and roofs. This implies a level of renovation work.

Advantages Of Our Slab Leak Detection Services In Newport Beach

slab leak repair services


Many homeowners who employed technicians without a license did save money in the beginning. But wrong hands and decisions made their home plumbing prone to frequent issues. That is called taking chances with your plumbing.

Many professional plumbers do great jobs but do not offer warranty-backed services. They are not liable to offer free services to repair the mistakes caused by their hands.

With EZ Plumbing, you are safe!!!



EZ Plumbing Restoration keeps a stock of the best plumbing inspection and repair equipment and technology-led tools.

Our plumbers also get training to expertly use the new range of leak detection, pipe inspection, plumbing repair, water removal, and cleanup tools.

Getting a slab leak repair job done by EZ Plumbing enables you to get world-class quality services at the most affordable rates. Your plumbing remains secure, and you stay happy with the results of our plumbing jobs.

latest best equipment and tools
personalized solutions


It is your property! Why not get the maximum flexibility in decision-making when choosing repair options, pricing, and relevant renovation work? But often, plumbers leave you very little choice. Everything becomes too pricey!

But EZ Plumbing Restoration offers maximum flexibility and customized solutions. We let you know exactly what is wrong with your slab plumbing in simple words and through evidence. We let you understand the pros and cons of different slab leak repair options. We help you make the right decisions that keep your home plumbing in great condition.

Don’t let slab leaks worry you and reduce your savings from time to time!

Call EZ Plumbing Restoration for the most efficient and personalized slab leak repair services in Newport Beach!


You might be aware that the quality of your plumbing lines, systems, and fixtures also plays a role in deciding the value of your property.

If you are planning to sell your property that has slab plumbing in bad condition, the deal gets settled at a lower value. This is because all the key plumbing lines providing water to fixtures across your property are under the slab. Also, all the interior drain lines property-wide are connected to the main drain line below the slab.

We offer the best slab repiping and pipe re-rerouting solutions to help you improve the value of your property. Talk to us if you are planning to sell or lease your property. Our slab leak detection consultant will help you!

increasing property value
services from slab leak detection experts `


Here are some more benefits of using our slab leak detection and repair services in Newport Beach:

  • Licensed plumbers who have effectively solved thousands of slab leak issues.
  • Bonded and insured slab leak Newport Beach plumbers and technicians for optimizing secure service delivery.
  • Complete support for all concerns and needs - leak detection and repair, water damage repair, mold removal, mold-damage repair, and renovation.

What Our Clients Say

Our esteemed clients have praised our top-notch, affordable, and on-time plumbing solution. Go through what they have said about us.

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Top-quality service, just like they promised when I booked a slab leak detection job. We had 2-3 plumbers visits the same week for the same job. They mentioned a long process. EZ Plumbing professionals suggested the smartest process. No headaches! I am extremely happy with their services. EZ Plumbing is a company you can trust!

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Ethan and Freddie

We came home after a 3-month tour to find puddles of water here and there. The carpets were damp and smelly. It was a nightmare. The EZ Plumbing guys figured out what went wrong within 20 minutes. They told us it was a water pipe leak under the slab. It was fixed the same day! They helped replace the carpets and clean up wet surfaces. Brilliant people, brilliant work!

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I have used EZ Plumbing services when we redid the kitchen and the bathroom. We called EZ Plumbing to repipe the slab. They did a great job! I recommend this company. They offer fair rates and there is never any trouble.

FAQ - Newport Beach Slab Leak Detection & Repair Services

Water leaking from the concrete slab foundation is what people refer to as a “slab leak.” But it is not the slab that is leaking but the plumbing under the slab that is leaking. There are water, drain, and sewer lines under the slab.

  • Moist spots on the floor or walls
  • Low water pressure
  • An unexplained rise in water bills
  • Warm or damp spots on the flooring
  • Dampness under the carpet, musty smells, and mold growth
  • Sounds of running water when no fixtures are on
  • Unexplained water puddles near the perimeter of the slab foundation

The leak detection process involves finding the leak spot on the plumbing under the slab, the cause of the leak, and the extent of the plumbing leak. It also involves finding out about the condition in the interiors/exterior of the pipe - the presence of rust, scale buildup, clogs, or cracks.

EZ Plumbing Restoration conducts leak detection using certified methods and the best, high-tech tools, offering evidence-based reports and helping you understand the root cause, source, and condition of the pipes, the presence of hidden water damage, and other consequences of the slab leak.

A simple fix involving spot repair can be done in one visit in an hour, while pipe rerouting onto walls and the roof of the house can take 2-3 days.

EZ Plumbing Restoration is the best company offering the most efficient, first-time-right, warranty-backed slab leak repair services in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

Tips By Our Certified Slab Leak Detection Experts

Hire The Best plumbers From EZ Plumbing Restoration for efficient, affordable, and top-quality slab leak detection and repair in Newport Beach

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