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Water Damage Restoration & Repair Service in Irvine

Water Damage Restoration & Repair Service in Irvine

Having a flooded home or office can be quite stressful. The water can quickly damage any porous objects that get in the way. The fear of electrocution also exists if there is loose wiring and the possibility of a short circuit.

Whether the flooding is caused by heavy rains or a burst pipe, for insurance, you need to get the right process done. You need to take all the right measures to ensure there is no negligence on your part.

Call our water damage restoration company in Irvine! Depend on our expert solutions that take care of everything from further water damage mitigation and content restoration to correct measures for insurance claim filing.

How Do Our Water Damage Restoration Specialists In Irvine Perform Clean Up & Restoration?


Get the best water removal, cleanup, and dry-out services from our water damage restoration experts in Irvine! We quickly remove all traces of water and excess moisture. We also provide decontamination, mold removal, and odor removal services.


Worried about the damage to gadgets, carpets, and other belongings? Our water damage Irvine teams offer content cleanup and restoration services. We help you fix salvageable items and replace damaged items at affordable rates. Our water damage repair Irvine team meets all needs.


A water-damaged bathroom, kitchen, or any other space is not fit for comfortable, healthy living. Renovation need not be too expensive. Find innovative, admirable, and affordable renovation solutions from our water damage restoration specialists in Irvine.

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What benefits will you get when you hire our water damage restoration consultants in Irvine to manage the water damage on your property?

Our experience translates to a superior experience for you. With our water damage restoration experts in Irvine at your service, even the most complex problem will look easy to resolve. Whether it is about renovating toilets, removing water from interiors, repairing windows and walls, fixing a sewage backflow, or plumbing and structural restoration of kitchens or bathrooms, you will find an amazing approach that considers your budget, preferences, safety, and well-being.
An hour is all it takes for an expert EZ Plumbing water damage Irvine expert to reach you and start the repair and restoration process. Right from the first instant, we take steps that help you prevent further damage and health and safety risks. Our team takes a quick and complete inspection to ensure the repair process for every aspect is correct - plumbing, carpets, damaged belongings, electrical damage, and any other problem there is.
We have certified professionals with successful track records in commercial flood and water damage restoration services. Our services cover offices, stores, schools, clinics, malls, restaurants, and other commercial properties. Our plumbers and technicians ensure smooth coordination with various stakeholders and execute tasks brilliantly and without delays. We also effectively handle the documentation and reporting leading to the efficient and timely completion of tasks.
Unless you provide a record of correct measures, documentation, and investigation, it is possible for the local vendor to cut corners, find faults and reduce the claim amount. We have been in this industry for decades and know all the measures that need to be taken to make insurance filing an efficient process. We also help you get an independent assessment done by a qualified technician. Our services take out the stress of handling so much on your own.
When you call EZ Plumbing, you get the services of certified, insured, and bonded contractors and technicians. Our water damage restoration specialists in Irvine also get regular training in new methods, equipment, and techniques to upgrade their skills. The outcome - excellent delivery of water removal, dry out, cleanup, content restoration, and all damage mitigation and repair processes that are at par with standards and best practices in health and safety.
Properties can become water-logged after a fire restoration process, during floods and storms, or due to plumbing disasters. The quality of the disaster recovery approach and methods decide how much can be salvaged. We ensure an optimized recovery process to salvage all that can be repaired and reused so that your overall costs are much less than what could have been otherwise.
Once your residential or commercial property is clean, safe, and good for use, you might want to phase out the not-so-urgent renovation slowly. You might be planning a kitchen remodeling or full-scale renovation to make your property resistant to water damage and mold. You will find the best support and flexibility from the EZ Plumbing water damage restoration Irvine team! From the lighting and plumbing to wall and roof restoration material and style, find renovation options that delight you and are within your budget.
Pricing is what worries almost everyone when it comes to choosing a company offering water damage repair in Irvine. EZ Plumbing Restoration is among the few companies offering transparent and upfront pricing for several repair and restoration options so that you can make a choice that fits your budget and preferences. There is an affordable range of options for every property owner.
Sometimes people come home from work to find a water-logged room. Sudden storms might break aging roof material, and water penetrates through the ceiling into rooms. Flash flooding causes heavy water buildup inside commercial and residential premises. The list of things to repair, replace, and restore becomes longer by every hour. Instead of calling 4-6 vendors for structural damage repair, electrical damage repair, carpet cleaning/replacement, plumbing repair, electronic gadget repair, etc., call just one company - EZ Plumbing Restoration. You will get complete support with each and every water damage repair work - water removal, dehumidification and dry out, cleanup of surfaces and belongings, content pack out and restoration, decontamination, electrical rewiring, lighting, restoring damaged walls and painting them, plumbing restoration, mold remediation, and any other need.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration Process - EZ Plumbing Restoration

There are no fixed process chains to deal with water damage.

The right procedure to manage water damage caused by sewer pipe backflow differs from that caused by roof and ceiling leaks. Similarly, the process of dealing with a laundry line pipe burst is entirely different from other plumbing leak-based water damage. Water logging and damage also occur after a fire control event when a huge amount of water is poured into the house to stop a fire. Flood damage is another matter altogether. You need professional assistance in all these scenarios.

We have outlined the process that is common to flood and heavy water damage scenarios in which there is a lot of water buildup in the interiors. It could be due to storms and floods or a burst pipe that has waterlogged the premises for hours.

Let’s go through the key steps.

Time - every passing second - becomes invaluable when you deal with severe water damage. Our water damage restoration specialists in Irvine can quickly assess a property. Their experienced eyes and years of knowledge enable them to conduct thorough checks in a strategic manner using high-tech equipment.

The water and electrical supply lines are checked and turned off. Electrocution risks are assessed. Once the property is safe for entry, all potential salvageable items are identified and removed.

If the cause is a broken pipe, the root cause, source, and extent of the problems are evaluated and steps taken to control further damage. We check the category and class of water damage and submit a plan of action along with options.

In a flood damage scenario, the plan of action depends on the category and class of water damage and the affected areas and items. Also, the right measures are taken to ensure a smooth insurance process.

EZ Plumbing Restoration experts will quickly secure your home or commercial premises against further loss and damage by extracting water and removing all hazards and debris. The process includes tarping roofs and demolishing unsafe structural elements, if needed. Once the water extraction is completed, cleanup, dry-out, and dehumidification is done.

We have the latest equipment to quickly pump out any level of stagnant water and track and remove even hidden traces of water and excess moisture, ensuring thorough dry out.

Our certified technicians are well-versed in the cleanup of different kinds of material - wood, glass, metal, flooring, wall elements, and other objects. We have experts to detect and remove different types of mold.

We also have licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced technicians to carry out cleanup and repairs of all kinds of damage - HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and structural. These experts can easily determine and make an inventory of all non-salvageable items and ensure the pack-out, repair/restoration, and recovery of salvageable items.

Once the cleanup and dry-out processes are complete, we perform odor removal and decontamination process to make your property free of all health hazards and ready for use.

We have extensive experience working on insurance-related matters and will assist you in filing insurance claims correctly and efficiently. The impeccable measures, reports, and paperwork support take a huge worry off your shoulders.

We ensure the correct delivery of all the damaged items sent to specialized centers for repair and restoration. Whether it is paper-based items, antiques, show pieces, rugs, carpets, or any other item, with our support, you can rest assured of optimum flood recovery or damage recovery.

Broken pipes, overflowing and smelly drains, sewer pipe blockage, or other troubles? Find expert plumbing repair and restoration solutions from our expert plumbers.

We offer solutions as per your budget. We have licensed, bonded, insured, and expert contractors who can take care of everything - wall, ceiling, and roof repairs and repainting, lighting and electrical work, retiling, installation of new accessories like kitchen cabinets and countertops, sinks, faucets, and other plumbing products.

Also, find options for water-resistant and mold-resistant materials when renovating. You can rely on us to make your property as beautiful as you desire.

Benefits Of Hiring Water Damage Restoration Experts In Irvine

One-stop solution center with deals for all damage restoration work


Finance is always a concern when repairing water-damaged interiors. Another worry is about losing the charm and appeal of the interiors which are repaired. Also, there are safety hazards that you want to prevent.

EZ Plumbing Restoration offers the best deals taking into account your concerns. We customize water damage repair options to fit your requirements and resolve all your concerns. 

We also offer support with financing deals and flexible payment options. You can rest assured from the moment you book our services!



EZ Plumbing Restoration offers environment-friendly services throughout the process. The company ensures the use of materials and procedures that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

We also offer solutions that help you prevent water wastage and water damage in the future. Contact us to know the details!

Environmentally-friendly cleanup
Cutomer-oriented solutions


We always focus on offering optimum support to customers. We go out of our way to deliver innovative solutions for renovation and damage repair that are best suited for the customer’s property and preferences about comfort, well-being, and functional choices.

Find your property in a better condition within the shortest possible time when you choose EZ Plumbing Restoration for plumbing water damage restoration or flood damage restoration.

Contact EZ Plumbing Restoration when you need water damage restoration services in Irvine!

Get warranty-backed restoration solutions that are speedy, affordable, customized, and 100% secure!


When you call EZ Plumbing Restoration, you will always get fast-response services. For emergency services, find our experts at your premises in an hour. During the water removal and damage repair processes, find a quick response to any concerns you raise.

Our focus is on making everything easy and stress-free for our clients.

Fast-response service delivery
Affordable and secure


  • These are some additional key points worth mentioning.

  • Low service rates - plumbers and technicians

  • Availability of affordable but quality material for damage repair

  • Time and cost savings as you do not have to negotiate and pay several vendors (electrical, plumbing, structural, cleanup, repair of belongings)

  • Certified, insured, bonded, experienced technicians

  • Full adherence to health and safety rules

What Our Clients Say

Our esteemed clients have praised our top-notch, affordable, and on-time plumbing solution. Go through what they have said about us.

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Angela Giokas

Whenever I receive a very good service, I always ensure to tell others about their extraordinary service. Thanks a lot, Tom and Duke. We had water damage and needed quick assistance. EZ Plumbing & Restoration was quick to address our query. They sent a fully equipped team and gave us a free estimation too. They offered affordable solution. Thanks for your valuable insights and for making the restoration process easy.

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Tim Dalton

Technicians from EZ Plumbing Restoration arrived at the scheduled time and were quick. They carried out water damage restoration work without disrupting our daily routine. They thoroughly checked and found the source of the water leakage. They fixed the damaged area and restored the entire area, like it was before. Thank you Tom, for your excellent and affordable services.

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Jodie Theets

My bathroom sink was not properly draining and created an unbearable mess. I called nearby plumbers, but kept on rescheduling. So one of my friends suggested EZ Plumbing Restoration for water damage restoration. I called them, and in no time, their fully equipped team was at my doorstep. They quickly assessed the bathroom fixture, found the troubling point, and fixed the sink quickly. Thank you guys, for saving my day!

FAQ - Irvine Water Damage Restoration Services

Contact EZ Plumbing Restoration. Find certified, insured, and bonded contractors with a great deal of expertise in water damage restoration. Get warranty-backed services for water damage repair.  We have the latest and best equipment and tools, as well as well-trained technicians who ensure high-quality services.

Water damage caused by burst pipes, sewer line backup, roof and ceiling leaks, and hot water line leaks are common causes of plumbing-based water damage. Water damage is also caused due to storms, floods, and natural calamities that cause huge quantities of water to enter a property and flood basements or rooms.

To stop, repair, and prevent all kinds of water damage in a safe, secure, and long-lasting manner, you need professional assistance. Place your trust in EZ Plumbing Restoration!

Repair and restoration depend on the type of water damage a property is facing.

For example, a sewer line backup causing dark water to enter bathrooms and interiors needs immediate professional attention. Only certified professionals can repair the sewer line correctly. The affected areas need professional cleanup for the prevention of health hazards that could be quite serious.

The repair processes of a burst water line pipe are quite different. The material and methods used to repair different plumbing lines in your property need to be compliant with local regulations. The process for flood damage restoration is also outlined by local government guidelines. Call us for further details about water damage repair!

Restoration time depends on the extent of water damage. A burst pipe repair and water removal and cleanup might take only a few hours. Flood damage restoration from black water can take some days.

EZ Plumbing Restoration has a track record of shortening repair time using the best practices and the latest, powerful equipment and techniques. Call us for fast-paced water damage repair!

The cost of repairing water damage depends on the cause and size of the problem. If the solution is only about replacing a broken kitchen sink drain pipe and kitchen cleanup, the costs would be very less. If you need to remove gray or black flood water from your home and restore walls, electrical lines, plumbing lines, carpets, and furnishing, and invest in some level of demolition and reconstruction, the costs go higher.

We have expert professionals for undertaking the different measures and documentation processes that help you prevent negligence and loopholes, which could bring down your claim amount.

Call EZ Plumbing Restoration and get immediate assistance and guidance from a certified professional!

Contact EZ Plumbing Restoration! We are open 24/7 to offer fast-paced emergency water damage repair services.

Water Damage Repair Tips

We understand that water damage disrupts your day-to-day tasks and damages your property significantly. Here are some tips by our water damage restoration specialist in Irvine to help you manage the water damage situation.

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