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7 Ways To Find A Water Leak In Your House

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Water supply and drainage are two important facilities of any home that ensure a healthy and comfortable existence for the residents. Nevertheless, if any kind of leak happens in these water-based systems at home, then the situation could become maddening for individuals living there.

Early water leak detection can save you from large issues and financial losses. Once the exact place of the leak is detected on a pipe, it could be repaired extremely fast.

Here are a few signs that you have a leak and really should think about contacting a plumber for water leak repair in San Diego.

Always Check Your Water Meter And Monitor Water Bills

If your water bills are showing an unaccounted for increase in water consumption, there is a possibility of a silent leak in the property.

One of the better methods to tell if you have a leak in some part of your plumbing is to check on the water meter.

To get this done, you will first need to switch off all sources of water in your house. Next, monitor the water meter. If the water meter is still running despite the water supply in the house being switched off for an hour or more, it is an indication of a leak.

Check Outside Usage

Leaks do not just happen within the home. They occur outdoors as well. Examine your outdoor plumbing and spigots. You could fix a hose and see if water seeps through the connection as the hose is functioning, change the rubber hose gasket, and make sure all links are closed.

Consider calling a specialist once a year to check on backyard and pool plumbing. Dealing even with a very little silent leak could possibly be losing gallons of water in a month.

Always Check Your Toilets

A simple way to test for a toilet leak is by placing a toilet tablet into the toilet tank once the filling has stopped. Check after ten or fifteen minutes if the color has changed. A color change is an indication of a leak.

If you hear unusual noises in your toilet plumbing frequently, that is also a sign of a hidden leak. If you have a toilet tank that can be opened and checked, do check the components inside once a week or month for leak possibilities.

Check All The Leak Points

Doing a leak check as a monthly routine does not help. Check for leaks in the bathroom and kitchens as well as any other areas where you have water supply points like the laundry area. Check all fixtures in the bathtubs, bathroom, and sink, laundry sinks, and more.

You can also schedule an appointment with plumbers offering the installation of water leak detectors in San Diego. Installing water leak detectors go a long way in controlling damage from water leaks.

Check for Signs of Leaks in the Concealed Plumbing

A leak in the wall plumbing or roof plumbing will leave damp spots. Similarly, a leak in the slab plumbing would also leave damp or wet spots on the flooring. It is always better to discover leaks before water damage occurs.

Water leaks in the concealed plumbing usually leave a faint trace when it has just begun. It could be the smell of dampness or the faint sound of water running somewhere. If you discover such signs, check your water meter, as mentioned earlier.

Find Out If There Are Water Pressure Fluctuations

Low water pressure during certain periods could also be an indication of a water leak. Often a serious leak in the slab plumbing or other concealed plumbing would lower the water pressure.

You could also get a licensed plumber to check your water pressure regulator and see if the cause of the low water pressure is not the result of a damaged valve.

Schedule A Professional Water Leak Detection

When you suspect something is not quite right, contact a licensed plumber offering solutions for water leak repair in San Diego. If your water meter check has indicated a leak or you have noticed any other sign of a water leak, it is sensible to schedule a service from a “water leak detection near me” specialist the same day or as soon as possible.

There are a number of companies who would respond to your search for “water leak detection near me.” Hire a company that offers a detailed plumbing inspection per industry standards to check for various leak sources in your property.

A plumbing inspection is more effective than just scheduling service from any “water leak detection near me technician.” An experienced water leak detector San Diego service provider will have the resources to determine not only existing leak sources and causes but also potential leak possibilities.

Also, an expert water leak detector San Diego service provider will offer you several options. They will help you identify a water leak detection system that best suits your property and comes within your budget.

How to Control Water Damage Possibilities

Some fittings and pipes tend to be more susceptible to leaking than others. Corrosion or pipe damage in the hot water heater pipe system can slowly cause multiple leaks. A dysfunctioning laundry draining system could cause indoor flooding. A slab pipe burst could cause water to seep across cracks in the foundations and create fissures.

While leaks cannot be 100% prevented, you could take measures to control water damage. Some such steps include the following:

  • Installing water leak detectors
  • Installing automatic water shut-off valves that stops water supply when a leak is detected by the leak detection system
  • Keep drains clean and unclogged so that drain leaks are controlled and related water damage
  • Install water softening systems if the water in your property is hard, as that could accelerate pipe damage
  • Get a whole-house plumbing inspection done, particularly if the plumbing in your home is decades old

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