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Water Conservation San Diego

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Our earth is covered with 70% of the water out of which 1% is fresh water. Human life sustains only on fresh water. Demand for water has increased many folds in the last few decades. Water, the renewable source, has become the scarce source now. If we want our future generation to have an abundance of water, then water conservation San Diego is the need of the hour.

Teaching kids about water conservation San Diego is a step to conserve water and the step to secure the future. If you start conserving water in your home by incorporating certain habits and using water conservation San Diego, your kids will adapt accordingly. Some such devices are

  • Water conserving faucets
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Shower timers
  • Water conserving high efficiency toilets

With water conservation related regulations in place, get the services of efficient plumbing services providers who can consult with you and get installed the right water conservation California.

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    Water Conservation San Diego

    Installation Solutions From EZ Plumbing Restoration

    Water is precious and should be used wisely.Almost 6500 gallons of water are wasted per year from each household. Use of water saving devices can help with water conservation San Diego. EZ plumbers will get installed any number of water conservation devices at home or your office. Some water conservation devices are.

    • Water Saving Aerators and Low Flow Showerheads
      Aerators are simple and efficient water saving devices. Aerators are attached at the end of a faucet and restricts the flow of water up to 50%. Using low flow showerheads doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the pressure of water stream or excessive aeration. Specially designed fittings provide you a satisfying shower experience and still conserve water and energy.
    • Dual Flush Toilets and Tank Bags
      Toilet flushes use a major portion of water in the house. Getting dual flush systems installed in your toilets can help save gallons of water per day. If you don’t want to remember different buttons for flush, then use tank bags in your flush. It will displace some water by occupying space in the tank, thus less water for each flush.
    • Water Efficient Hoses
      Use connecting hoses for watering plants in your garden or washing your car. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation is the most efficient method of watering, it minimizes water evaporation, sends water directly to plants’ roots.

    Water Conservation Service

    from EZ Plumbing Restoration

    Water Conservation System Installations

    We are experts at installing water conservation systems at home or office such as for your kitchen and bathroom, and help you reduce water wastage as well as save on water bills. EZ plumbers will also detect and fix leaks, drips and any other water wasting plumbing problems you may have. We offer you complete solutions for water conservation San Diego.

    Grey Water Recycling

    Grey water is the waste water from baths, showers, kitchen and bathroom sinks, dishwasher and other water-appliances. Recycling of this water for toilets or for watering backyards reduces household water usage by about 50% — potentially reducing your water bills and conserving water. Grey water contains dirt, hairs, food, grooming chemicals and certain household products, but they can be recycled smartly through our plumbing services.

    Rain Water Conservation Systems

    Call us for getting rainwater tanks and other rain water conservation devices installed at your home. Usually, rainwater tanks collect the water, which is passed through pipes, then filtered and stored in ground for watering backyards, indoor heating of the house and domestic use with proper treatment.

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    Water Conservation System Solutions

    We at EZ Plumbing Restoration are extremely conscious of the role we can play in water conservation San Diego. We get you the best products available from innovative water conservation San Diego, and help you not only comply with water conservation San Diego regulations but also enable you to take all necessary steps to save water.

    Here are some tips that help you contribute more towards water conservation San Diego.

    Faucets and Sinks

    • Use aerators in faucets. It reduces water consumption up to half.
    • Turn off the faucet while brushing and saving, you can also store water in a glass for mouth rinsing.
    • Prefer cleaning vegetables in a stoppered sink or a pan over running water.
    • Opt to dishwashers over hand-washing.


    • Take shorter showers, and use low flow water shower.
    • Install ShowerStart adapter to showerheads, it automatically pauses a running shower once it gets warm.


    • Don’t use the toilet as trashbasin. Use plastic bottles or float booster in your toilet tank. It cuts down water waste and could save almost ten gallons per day.

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