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Content Restoration San Diego

When You Need Professional
Help from a Certified Content Restoration Company in San Diego

Content restoration forms part of damage restoration, and this requires services from a range of experts, as diverse as the type of content. We have the resources to help you get a complete range of content cleaning and restoration solutions, whether your property is residential or commercial.

Whether the damage is caused by fire, smoke, soot, water or moisture, EZ has the right certified technicians to execute the cleaning and restoration. Mold and water damage need prompt, rapid and thorough drying so that the damages are contained and minimal. Burnt and charred contents are rarely recoverable. In such cases, we also help you in listing out the items, and helping you find the right replacements.

Our professionals are highly trained to know exactly how not to let the odour and stains become permanent. They have a strong background in carrying out the cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing activities. We use advanced technology to clean up before the corrosion and etching becomes significant. Our content cleaning includes metals, electronics and appliances. Some contents cleaning can be done on site, and some needs to be taken to a specialised facility for restoration. We also provide pack out and restoration services. While providing pack out services, we have access to digital inventory software and document any damage for future evaluation. We store and carry out content management at secure locations.

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    Our content restoration services include the following:

    • Smoke and odor cleaning
    • Cleaning and restoration of furniture
    • Decontamination of asbestos content
    • Drying of contents
    • Rug and carpet repair and cleaning
    • Pack out service
    • Salvageable and non salvageable inventory provided digitall
    • Short and long term on-site storage

    Most Preferred

    Contents Cleaning San Diego


    EZ is located in San Diego, and has a well equipped ozone chamber and ultrasonic cleaning capabilities. Our well trained and skilled team members offer different content cleaning services including for items such as photos, documents, and electronics.

    We understand the importance of your personal properties, and we treat them with respect and care. If your property is damaged from smoke, fire or water damage, you can email us or contact us and get instant help from a content cleaning specialist. Our team will reach on the scheduled time, well equipped to deal with a wide range of content cleaning requirements.

    There are a number of content restoration companies in San Diego, but EZ is known among its customers for its world-class services. What you get from us is a notch higher, as we possess the following abilities and values:

    Trustworthy and Reliable

    We have been providing professional damage restoration and content cleaning services for decades. Our track records include thousands of residential and commercial restoration projects. We are one of the most reliable content restoration companies in San Diego, thanks to the efficient services of a licensed, insured, experienced and highly trained team of restoration experts. Our technicians help restore the contents of your residential or commercial properties with utmost professionalism, creating an accurate inventory of all the items you need cleaned, restored, packed out and redelivered, etc.


    We focus on your convenience and have accordingly enlarged our services capabilities. From onsite cleaning to pack out, storage and content management to its proper delivery, you get content restoration done as most benefits you. It is also a difficult job to go out looking for the different service providers for different types of restoration. We have one stop shop to meet most content restoration needs. We are available 24/7 for appointments, and come on time without delays.


    You can schedule and reschedule your bookings, and choose the date and time that works best for you. Your may choose from our predefined content restoration packages or customize your content cleaning project as suits you best. You can have work done in the evenings and nights or weekends, our team is flexible and operates 24/7 to execute content cleaning project needs in a way that most satisfies our client.

    Content Pack-Out

    Restoration and Storage Services

    Damages from fire, smoke, water and mold require specialized cleaning carried out by certified experts. Be it furniture, clothes, electronics or any other item, there are methods and approaches that need to comply with required standards. To minimize damage, it is sometimes essential to get your belongings damaged by fire, smoke, water or mold packed out and cleaned at a specialised facility.

    EZ’s content pack-out services include insured storage in our secure and climate-controlled facility. All your items are carried safely and tracked. We take photographs of the location as well as your belongings during the pack-out so that we can return them to their proper place. We have different certified and licensed teams to restore properties and content damaged by water, fire, smoke or mold. Our services include decontamination and odor removal as well. We also offer content storage as we understand that moving into a newly restored home or office takes time.

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    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.