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5 Excellent Ways To Get Rid Of Slab Leak Once And For All

slab leakage in home

Slab leaks are quite a big concern for property owners all over the United States. Since the problem of slab leaks appears in some of the most inopportune times, it would be invaluable to know some of its symptoms and prevention methods.

Slab leak repairs can be very inexpensive if you know certain methods and tactics which plumbers use all the time.

However, do not attempt DIYs for this problem as most homeowners do not have adequate tools to deal with this.

This article will discuss five ways that help you to get rid of a slab leak in San Diego once and for all.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Slab Leak?

Know The Symptoms

It is crucial to know about the symptoms of a slab leak because it does not become apparent until it is too late. Some of the common symptoms of slab leaks in San Diego are:

  • Wet and warm spots around the areas of a floor
  • Inexplicable mold growths and mildews
  • Water damage signs on the floors
  • Crackling and bubbling sounds coming from the floor
  • High water bills


It is a relatively mess-free technique to repair slab leaks. Tunneling means digging a tunnel till the plumber reaches the location where the repair is required. If you have expensive flooring and walls, this can be the best course of action. This method keeps the mess away from the house.

A plumber must first detect the actual problem and then make a plan to optimize the tunnel location. Usually, experienced plumbers dig 5-8 feet every day. Since most plumbing jobs require no more than 10-15 feet long tunnels, the whole process would require less than 2-3 days.

Some of the experienced plumbing teams can dig around 9-15 feet every day. This is why experience matters a lot in solving plumbing problems. Always make sure that the plumbing company you have hired for tunneling has the latest tools and technologies.

Since you have to find out the exact location of the leak for tunneling. However, having the right tools will make the detection and the repair flawless.

Although most of the time, tunneling is not ideal if you have small problems under the slabs.

Repiping/ Re-routing

Re-piping or rerouting is the most used slab leak repair method. Re-piping means installing a new pipe in the place of the old one. This is very easy for the plumber.

Whereas, re-routing means installing pipes in order to create a new route for the water. Re-piping and re-routing are so common because they will not damage your flooring and walls.

Most slab leaks are minor and damage a particular region of the house only if you catch them beforehand. Not always you need to dig a tunnel. Sometimes, a plumber will simply re-route to solve the issue.

An experienced plumber will disconnect the problematic pipe and simply install another pipe so the pipe with the problem has no access to water. Always consider breaking through the slab as the last course of action. It is rather expensive and usually not worth it.

EZ Plumbing and Restoration  always prefer accurate and cost-effective methods to repair slabs. If we need to break through the slab, we always ensure that the damage to your property is minimal. We also clean up all the mess afterward.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair

In this method, you do not have to remove the old pipe. The plumbers firstly access the pipe in whatever manner they seem fit. It could involve a bit of digging but it is rarely big enough to raise eyebrows.

A special epoxy-soaked liner with an inflatable bladder is inserted into the old pipe. The bladder is then inflated and it pushes up against the old pipe’s inside. After a couple of hours, the liner is removed.

When the resin is cured for a few hours it creates a new pipe inside the old one. The leak is repaired in the process. The only downside is this method will reduce the diameter of the pipe by about ¼ of an inch.

This method is popular in homes where you cannot install a new pipe without digging. Also, trenchless pipe repairs are done within the same day, making it a time-effective method as well.


This method involves no liner. Instead, the plumbers will use a non-toxic polymer resin to spray on the leak to seal it. However, it can come in handy for small leaks inside the pipes which is usually the case.

A multiple coating of such a compound will ensure proper sealing without costing you much. This is the most hassle-free way for slab leak repair but the reality is most of the time leaks are not small.

Spot Repair

This is the least common method because it requires in-house digging. Spot repair often becomes a choice when the pipes are new and there is no other way to access the pipes without digging.

So the plumbers will narrow down and detect the leak. Then they will remove the slabs using their tools. Lastly, they use a new fitting to repair the leak.

You can opt for this method if your floor is inexpensive and the plumbers are certain about the leaking area of the pipe.

This will minimize the damage. But remember you will have to repair the floor after the leak is repaired, costing you on top of the actual slab leak repair.

There is no single method as a cure-all for slab leak repairs. The best method depends on a lot of factors and variables such as property type, location, leak type, water supply, slab type, etc. among other things.

When Is The Right Time To Call An Expert Plumber For Slab Leak Repair?

Since slab leak repair is often not possible for most homeowners on their own. It is better to hire a plumber as soon as you find out something odd with the slabs.

Look out for symptoms and try to check the damage-prone areas such as water lines, faucets, bathroom floors, and walls behind the shower for possible slab leaks.

If left untreated, slab leaks can become very expensive as time goes on. EZ Plumbing & Restoration offers a complete package for slab leak repair and maintenance. You can call us for emergency leak detection and repair as well.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.