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High Water Bill

Can Be a Major Source of Stress

EZ’s Experts in California can Determine the Cause Using Non-Invasive Methods

Have you received an unusually high water bill recently? The cause might be an undetected fault in your plumbing system. If the fault is not repaired immediately, it can not only increase your water bill further but also cause extensive water damage to your property. Here at EZ in California, we understand the importance of swift response to plumbing issues. That is why we offer round the clock leak detection services in California to locate hidden leaks that might be responsible for your high water bill.

We use the latest non-invasive leak detection equipment including electronic leak detectors, acoustic listeners, gas tracer systems, and thermal imaging equipment to pinpoint the exact location of hidden leaks. You may also opt for our video camera pipe inspection services to locate pinhole leaks in concealed pipelines. Once the leak is located, our licensed, background-checked, and insured plumbers will immediately fix the leak to ensure that no water is wasted anymore.

We offer numerous plumbing services in California including the repair of overflowing toilets, damaged irrigation systems, outdated appliances, and more. Our experienced experts can also replace your existing plumbing appliances with new ones that use water more efficiently. Call EZ today and we shall ensure that your high water bill becomes a thing of the past.

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    A High Water Bill in California

    Could Have Several Causes

    Toilet repairs

    Toilets contribute to around 30% of the average indoor water use in an American household. A leaky or running toilet can result in the wastage of around 200 gallons of water every day. EZ’s toilet repair experts in California will apply the sound test and the dye test to detect the toilet leak. Once the leak is accurately detected, our experts will immediately carry out the necessary repairs to bring down your high water bill.

    Leaky faucet repair

    Most people tend to underestimate the contribution of leaky faucets to a high water bill. Nearly 20 gallons of water could be wasted daily due to a leaking faucet. EZ provides faucet repair and replacement in California for faucets of all varieties and makes. We can replace damaged or corroded O-rings, washers, valves, and seals to fix your leaky faucet.

    Water softener services

    Water softeners usually contribute to higher water bills because they backwash themselves in fixed cycles for the regeneration of the system. If the backwash valve gets stuck and remains open, continuous wastage of water can take place without any visible evidence. EZ’s water softener installation and repair experts in California can replace your existing water softener or repair its backwash valve.

    EZ Offers a

    Range of Plumbing Services in California

    That Can Provide a Solution To Your High Water Bill

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    Slab Leak Repair

    Slab leaks are one of the most common causes of a high water bill. EZ’s slab leak repair technicians in California will use electronic leak detection and thermal imaging equipment to detect leaks underneath the concrete foundation of your home. We also carry out slab leak repiping, re-routing, and epoxy pipe-lining.

    Replacement of Outdated Fixtures

    Old or out-of-date plumbing fixtures tend to use up a lot of water, resulting in a high water bill. EZ’s experts can replace your existing fixture with a new one that will minimize the wastage of water. We can install water-saving toilets, showerheads, faucets, and more.

    Hot Water Recirculation System

    A lot of water is wasted when you wait for hot water from the water heater to arrive at your faucet. EZ’s hot water recirculation system installation services in California will save your time and bring down your water bill by ensuring that you receive hot water the moment you turn on the faucet.

    Irrigation System Repair

    Faulty and inefficient irrigation systems in your lawn or garden can be a major cause of a high water bill. EZ’s irrigation system repair services in California include repair of broken sprinkler-heads, loose joints, line cracks, and faulty setups.

    Why Call EZ

    For Your High Water Bill?

    EZ’s dedicated services have made us one of the most trusted plumbing service providers in California. Here at EZ, transparent services and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in providing lasting solutions to plumbing issues.

    If you call us to determine the cause of your high water bill, we shall not only eliminate the immediate cause of the spike in your bill but also offer suggestions to reduce wastage of water in the long run. We offer upfront pricing and affordable rates. We are always ready to answer any questions you might have regarding our services or pricing.

    To ensure that our services are of the highest quality, we hire our experts from a select group of skilled and experienced professionals. No matter what the cause of your high water bill is, our plumbing experts can identify it in very little time and fix it effectively.

    Our vehicles are always stocked with all the essential leak detection and plumbing repair equipment so that there is no delay in responding to your emergency call. EZ will not charge you anything extra for services during the weekends. We also offer special discounts for select groups of customers. Get in touch with us for more information.

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