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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Water Heater?

water heater replacement in San Diego

Nothing is more infuriating than a broken hot water heater when you need it. Who does not want a good shower before going out to work? If you have an old, frequently malfunctioning water heater, it is high time to replace it.

You might be thinking about how long it takes to replace a water heater. Generally speaking, it takes about a few hours to replace a water heater unit with another unit of the same type. If you are planning to upgrade to a bigger or better water heater or from a gas-based one to an electrical one, more time will be required to complete the water heater replacement in San Diego.

Why you might need a new water heater?

The stage water heater stays okay for a period of 10-12 years. Anything beyond that, and the water heater will start showing signs of damage. There are certain signs that indicate your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan and needs replacement. Note down how frequently you are facing these issues.

  • Too hot or too cold water
  • Weird noises
  • Spontaneous leaks in the pipes and tanks
  • Discoloration of the water
  • High water bills

If these symptoms are persistent or come back every few months after repair, find out what are the root causes of the frequent issues. If the problems are occurring due to parts and components not functioning smoothly, you would be better off buying a new water heater than spending hundreds of dollars on replacing old components of an old water heater.

Choosing a new water heater

The first step of water heater replacement is to choose the right water heater. Consult with a company offering water heater replacement and installation services.

The best water heater for you will depend on the type of property you have and your preferred energy source. Both gas and electric water heaters have their advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, tank-based water heaters and tankless water heaters are equally good; the choice depends on individual preference.

There are also eco-friendly water heater options available. Solar water heaters and heat pump water heaters are excellent for conserving energy. You might also do well to consider other heating options.

It is better to consult with an expert HVAC service provider like EZ Plumbing and Restoration. You will get all the information you need about the different kinds of heating options for your home. The contractor will also help you choose carefully and buy water heaters that will serve you in the long run.

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How long does it take to replace a water heater?

Are you searching, “How long will it take to replace the water heater?” There are two steps to changing a water heater.

Replacing the old water heater

Replacing a water heater takes an hour or more. The tank needs to be drained. The electrical and gas connections need to be checked.

First of all, you want to clear the area around the water heater for maximum ease. Then start with disconnecting the energy source and then drain the tank. After that, the technician will disconnect the water supply lines and remove the tank and other components.

Installing a new water heater

Now you can bring on the new water heater. Positioning and installation together take about 1-2 hours. The tank needs to be set up and then connected with the water line. After that, the technicians check all the connections to ensure everything is perfectly done. They will see if the tank is ready to be filled with water. Lastly, they will check if the heating process is efficient.

How long do you need to wait after installing a new water heater?

Are you wondering, how long after installing a new water heater should one wait for it to function at full efficiency?”

You can start using the water heater right away after the installation. But remember, you need at least 45 minutes to properly heat the water up. So after 45 minutes have gone by, turn on the faucet and check the water temperature.

No matter what is the size of your water heater, if it takes more than 2 hours to heat the water up, there is a problem with the installation. In that case, you have to call a professional to check the installation and correct any mistakes.

Water heater replacement can take longer if you are switching from a storage-tank water heater to on-demand tankless water heating systems or from a gas-based water heater to an electric water heater.

Why you should consider hiring expert water heater technicians

There are plenty of reasons why you should be getting a professional water heater company.

First of all, the experts will have experience in dealing with different types of property and water heaters. This will give them the upper hand in installing your preferred water heater.

Second, you will need significantly more time to properly install a water heater than them.
Third, some brands require an expert for installation, or else the warranty will be nullified. Lastly, water heater experts may help you dispose of the old water heater unit when they are replacing it. It will save you time and money.

Schedule for assessment and installation

EZ Plumbing and restoration offers high-quality water heater replacement services all over California. From assessment to installation, we will cover everything. We provide free consultation and estimation services to all first-time customers. Schedule any time of your choice for water heater replacement. We are available 24/7, every day.

Consult with EZ Plumbing and Restoration

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We help you correctly understand everything with matters that are important to you, like energy efficiency, safety features, advanced features, and the warranty of parts and components. We also offer affordable maintenance services. Contact us if you are considering replacing your water heating system.

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