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Cabinet & Countertop Repair Service in San Diego?

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EZ Plumbing is more than a plumbing service provider. We also pride ourselves as a leading kitchen cabinet and countertop repair and replacement service provider. We are here to help you restore your kitchen to as good as new, if not even better. With our highly trained professionals having a great deal of knowledge and experience in all types of countertops and kitchen cabinets installation and repair, you are assured of speedy, effective and durable solutions.

We provide a mix of innovation and simplicity to provide a kitchen cabinet or countertop that suits your preferences and your budget concerns. We provide products that meet required standards and are affordable at the same time. We also provide you with the top brands in Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops, per your demand.

You can also call us for fast and efficient repair if your old kitchen cabinets or countertops are giving you problems. EZ San Diego has solutions for all your cabinet and countertop needs.

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    San Diego Cabinet & Countertop Repair Service

    Come with a Guarantee

    There are many service providers, you could call upon to help you in need of a makeover or simple repairs for your kitchen. If you are, however, looking for a one stop solution for all your needs right from consultation of different options to installation of desired cabinets and countertops, call EZ. We also help with post installation works like rewiring of electrical systems, if they had to be changed, etc.

    We use state-of-the-art equipment for smart installations. When it comes to repair, whether it is of a component or fixture or damages to door hinges, faded paints, or any other issue with your existing kitchen cabinets or countertops, you can count on us to provide you quick and durable solutions.

    If the service provider you chose was unable to correctly repair the kitchen cabinet or countertop in question, you will end up incurring more costs in getting things repaired repeatedly. Call EZ’s technians, and avoid all such situations. Our services come with a guarantee.

    San Diego Cabinet & Countertop Installation

    Cabinet Repair

    Here, we repair a cabinet, making it as good as new by removing defects.

    Cabinet Refacing

    This is to make the look of your kitchen better without having to replace the current cabinets. By replacing the doors and knobs, repainting the surface, etc. you can enjoy the new look to your kitchen at affordable rates.

    Cabinet Replacement

    We can replace your current cabinets with the right fit, maintaining the perfect position, direction and securing them in their place. We can also help with remaking the formation of the cabinets around the kitchen.

    Why Choose EZ for Countertop Solutions?

    You need specialists in order to get the best countertop for your kitchen – the right type, the right fit, with the right accessories, etc. EZ has the capacities to get you just what you need and quickly. We can also replace your old countertop, disposing it off correctly, and offering you affordable options as well as the top brands, as per your preferences.

    We aim to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Get reliable and affordable countertop installation and repair services 24/7.


    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.