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Plumbing Inspection in San Diego, CA

From EZ Plumbing Restoration

EZ Plumbing Restoration offers plumbing inspection San Diego. If you are moving into a new house, and especially if it is an old property, a whole house plumbing inspection is highly recommended. It helps you plan maintenance and repairs based on evidence-based reports on the quality, condition and ageing of the plumbing systems, products and fixtures. Plumbing inspection is also a necessity, at times, especially if your house has outdated plumbing pipes. It helps in preventing many types of plumbing disasters too.

Call only licensed plumbers with specialised experience and certifications in carrying out residential plumbing inspection in California. We deliver on the complete range of requirements – underground plumbing inspection, concealed wall plumbing inspection, inspection of appliances, gas pipe inspection, etc. EZ plumbing inspection San Diego are 100% reliable, following high standards in plumbing inspection.

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Residential Plumbing Inspection Services Near Me

from EZ

If you are looking for a plumbing inspection service provider near you in San Diego, contact EZ. We have the experienced and certified professionals with a very good track record in delivering best-in-class plumbing inspection services near you. The scope depends on your property, its conditions and various requirements – you might be seeking to schedule annual plumbing inspection for the whole house or for a section of your property. Be assured of finding accurate and detailed reports from our technicians. Our services include leak detection, wall and underground pipe inspection, water pressure and relief valves inspection, water heater and kitchen appliance inspection, bathroom plumbing inspection, including checking scale buildup, etc.


Plumbing Inspection Services in San Diego

Water Pipe, Underground Plumbing Inspection

This includes checking the hot water lines, the slab pipe lines, water pressure and systems like pressure regulator valves and shut-off valves. A camera pipe inspection service is offered, which helps check the exact condition of the pipe interiors for root infiltration, corrosion, any other type of pipe damage, ageing, etc. The technicians will report on matters such as water pressure fluctuation, the condition of pipes and valves, if there is a possibility of their bursting in the near future, slab leak possibilities, etc.

Appliance and Plumbing Product Inspection

We provide inspection services of appliances and plumbing products to keep track of defects, damages and leak possibilities. This includes water heaters, kitchen plumbing systems and appliances, bathroom plumbing products. Signs of corrosion, scale buildup, leaks, etc are discovered and an appropriate action plan is suggested for maintenance, repair or restoration. Many property owners go for annual inspections, as part of preventive maintenance.

Drain and Sewer Pipeline Inspection

We offer general inspection as well as video pipe inspection service to check pipe interiors and possibilities of cloggings, sewage backflow and pipe bursts.

We also offer inspection of exterior plumbing and gas pipes.

Why go for

EZ San Diego Plumbing Inspection Services

When you invest in a new property or plan to move into a new home, it is important to check the condition of pipes installed, their quality, alignment, the water pressure coming from the city street mains, and the presence of an appropriate water pressure reducing valves, the possibilities of a sewage backup, etc. Not doing so might result in plumbing disasters or situations involving extensive repair or restoration costs. Instead of depending on a general plumbing inspection San Diego report prepared by the builder or old property owner, getting a plumbing inspection done gives you a highly accurate analysis of risks, threats, and repair and maintenance requirements. EZ San Diego’s residential plumbing inspection services are guaranteed to give accurate reports and analysis.

We not only help with inspection and reports, but also help you prepare an action plan on how best you could go about maintaining your plumbing systems in a good condition. This involves helping you understand what are the immediate repair needs, what could be the best maintenance procedures, etc. We will also offer solutions to execute them. For example, installation of backflow preventers, if you need one, replacing the water-shut off valve if it is likely to burst, cleaning the sewage lines if there are blockages, etc.

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