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Scholarship Program for Gaming Students


The gaming industry is highly progressive. It always welcomes new talent to offer creative and innovative solutions. For students in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia who have an inclination towards gaming will be happy to know about the Game Development Scholarship offered by EZ Plumbing Restoration. This annual scholarship is an excellent way to support your funding efforts for a degree in the animation field.


The Game Development Scholarship announced is meant for students in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia involved in the field of gaming, including game art, animation, design, game management, development, and production. Students already pursuing an undergraduate degree can apply for this scholarship. They must enroll in a related course at a recognized university or college in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia.


  • This scholarship is a great support to students who want to hold a flourishing career in the field of gaming.
  • The fund offered intends to help people in a tight financial situation but have immense talent.
  • It supports gamers with a creative bent of mind to support their expenses related to studies, accommodation, and other aspects.
  • It intends to encourage students with unmatched talent and potential and those who desire to hold a great career in the field.

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