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What Is Involved In the House Demolition Process?

Demolition Service

Demolition is a process that should be carried out with utmost care. There has to be adequate planning, methods, and, most importantly, a vision. Before beginning the process of demolition, you can ask yourself what your goal is and what you ultimately want.

House demolition needs to be proper and methodical. Most houses are demolished so that, eventually, a house will be built upon that. Therefore, you do not want to make things difficult for the new house. It is always a good idea to understand and know what is involved in the house demolition process. This blog will discuss them in detail.

How long does it take to demolish a house?

The question depends on lots and lots of variables. Every property is different, so is its location. There are also other considerations such as state laws, federal laws, neighbors, surrounding buildings, roads, sewage lines, electric lines, etc. However, the most typical sized houses will take somewhere around 4-8 days. If you hire very experienced demolition contractors in San Diego, it may take 2-3 days. But additional work may increase the time.

What are the steps of demolishing a building?

Surveying or assessment

This is the most important step towards a successful demolition. There are two types of surveys, building surveys, and structural surveys. During a building survey or assessment, the focus is on the type of material used, building type, the hazardous materials present, utility lines, adjoining vehicular or traffic conditions, and the impact the demolition will have on the surrounding area.

A structural survey or assessment will include the type of construction method used, soil type and integrity, the building’s condition, surrounding area, etc.

Both of these assessments are carried out by the demolition expert using a range of tools and methods. They also look at the blueprints and other documents. Once the surveying is done, they move to other steps.

Removal of dangerous material

Since the demolition companies in San Diego have found out the dangerous materials present in the building, they will begin from there. By dangerous material, the experts often mean highly combustible substances, utility lines, and appliance accessories that can burst. Once the dangerous materials are removed, then the actual process of demolition will begin.

Non-explosive demolition

Not all demolition needs explosion, contrary to popular belief. In fact, most demolition does not require any explosion at all; instead, a combination of different methods is used.

Soft strips are usually the first step of any demolition. In this step, the demolition companies will remove all the floor covering, suspended ceilings, furniture, glass doors, wooden doors, windows, AC, water heaters, etc. Soft strips usually mean that everything that can be removed is removed. This part requires some hand tools.

In fact, you yourself can cover this part. However, demolition companies have professionals who are way more accurate and faster. After that, standard and high-reach excavators are the most common method to demolish the building. The height and type of building decide which machine the demolishers will use. There are also top-town demolition and deconstruction along with dismantling.

Top-town demolition is used for tower blocks where the space around the building is listed. The building is scaffolded and covered with monarflex, which ultimately reduces the dust and debris. Deconstruction and dismantling are not that common but may be used if needed.

Explosive demolition

There are different types of explosive demolition. The most common methods include the destruction of the foundation by which the building collapses almost all the time. There are two ways of implosion or explosive demolition.

In one type, the building falls sideways like a tree. If the area around it is sufficient enough and permission is given, the demolition expert will attach explosives in the columns, beams, and wherever it is needed. Cables are used to guide the fall.

On the other hand, if there is no area available for a sideways fall, the demolition experts in San Diego arrange the explosives in a way that collapses into themselves. The explosive used in this method is more powerful.

Rules for demolishing a house

First and foremost you need to take permission from local civic authorities as they too will be impacted by the demolition. You also have to obtain NOC certificates from the local public utility service providers.

If your house is around the main road, you might have to take permission from the traffic police. If you are building a new home on the same plot you need to submit your plans to authorities. This step is also needed for additional floors or segments in your property. Lastly, if you are demolishing or building a new basement, you must talk with your neighbor in detail because this will impact them as well. Consult a structural engineer to know about all the details.

Who does the demolition work?

There are demolition companies out there with little to no experience claiming to be an expert. Demolition is a tricky process if you do not have the right company with you.

Always choose the Demolition contractor with experience and license. You also must only hire the companies that offer guaranteed services. Wrong methods used during demolition will hinder any future project. It can even land you in big legal trouble.

Make the process safer

Use discretion and proactive means to make the process as safe and civil as you can. One of the main hurdles of demolition is not the demolition itself but the noise compliance, environmental risks, and potential legal troubles associated with it. Always try to the best of your ability to make the demolition as noisy and dangerous as possible.

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