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7 Common Causes A Faucet To Leak

Faucet Repair

Faucets certainly are essential elements in your house. And having them in great working condition is vital. A leaky faucet not only disturbs your peace of mind but may also hike up the water bill which could cost you a lot of money.

If left unrepaired, a leaking faucet could be the cause of water damage, mold growth, health hazards, and various other issues. It is possible that a faucet dripping water every second can waste roughly 3-5 gallons of water in a day and over 100 gallons over a month! And if you keep it this way, that’s all the unused water you will be paying for through your water bills.

There are many causes as to why your faucets may be leaking. Faucets are parts of many equipment from water filtration systems to heating systems. The cause of leaks depends on various factors that can only be identified when a professional offering faucet repair in San Diego does an inspection. The most typical causes are worn out or faulty O-rings or washers. In such scenarios, you could yourselves fix leaky faucets. In San Diego, hundreds of faucets repair jobs happen on a regular basis.

If you are tired of continuously hearing a drip-drip from your faucet despite frequent repairs, you need to figure out what can cause a faucet to leak and what’s the ultimate way to correct it!

What Causes a Faucet to Leak?

1) Rough Use and Over Tightening

That is one of the most common factors behind a leaking faucet. Faucets linked to laundry equipment or in the scullery are often used roughly or tightened more than necessary. The over tightening of faucets often triggers minor cracks causing the drip drip drip of water every second.


2) Washer Wear and Tear

Washers are the part that open and close every time you open or close faucets. The more often a particular faucet is used throughout the day, the more wear and tear caused to washers. Depending on the quality of washers, the frequency of leaks happen. A good quality washer will last much longer than a low quality one.


3) Sediment Accumulation And Corrosion

Scale up is the accumulation of water sediments, and valve seats are most vulnerable to corrosion due to scale up. If the leak is happening from around the handle of the faucet or the spout, then it is most likely to be caused by a corroded valve seat. To prevent corrosion, we suggest frequently cleaning up the sediments from your valve system.


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4) O-Ring Issues

Leaks occur due to issues with O-rings of the faucet. A small disc-like part, it holds up the handle of your faucet in place by keeping the seal in between the faucet cartridge and the washer. The more roughly or frequently the faucet is used, the lesser time in which this part can loosen or wear out, causing a drip near the handle of the faucet. If this is the issue, a simple O-ring replacement is all that you need to do.

If you get your parts or faucets from an established company offering faucet installation in San Diego, they will suggest certified products depending on usage and overall water consumption, products that are less likely to cause frequent drips or leaks.


5) High Water Pressure

Water pressure is normally set up by your municipality’s utility provider. Generally in most areas, an eighty psi pressure reading is ideal. Anything near a hundred psi and you’ll start noticing problems with your plumbing system. Although some folks appreciate high water pressure, it is perhaps one of the most common reasons for a leaky faucet.

Unstable water pressure or high water pressure leads to water getting backed up within your plumbing lines, and looking for outlets from where to flow out. Faucets are the most vulnerable to high water pressure. The constant pressure on faucet components causes them to crack enough to cause a drip.

It’s better to get such issues looked at instantly by the best experts who can fix leaky faucets in San Diego. It is possible that you need a licensed plumber to check your water pressure regulator, adjust it correctly or repair or replace it, as the case turns out to be. Frequent faucet leaks are best fixed by licensed plumbers offering faucet repair in San Diego. They will identify the root cause and offer a durable solution.


6) Broken and Loose Parts

It is not just O-rings and washers and valves that can cause leaks. The frequency in which a faucet is being used, the way it is handled, unstable water pressure, damage in pipes connected with faucets, and many other factors accelerate wear and tear of faucets and related plumbing fixtures

If your faucet leak cannot be traced to washers and valves, the smart thing to do is let a professional plumber handle it. Licensed plumbers who fix leaky faucets in San Diego or have been doing so for decades can identify the real cause of faucet leaks in a jiffy and give you long-term solutions.


7) Broken seals

Outlet and inlet seals could over time wear out and develop cracks. Cracks can also develop in seals following a bad repair job or due to scale build up and corrosion. The best way to fix complex faucets linked with sophisticated bathroom or toilet equipment is to get professional assistance.

Not all faucets are worth being treated by a do-it-yourself technique you read on the Internet. A licensed plumber offering faucet repair in San Diego can also assure best-fit replacements if the faucet can not be repaired.

What to Keep in Mind While Fixing Kitchen Sink and Faucet Leaks

A kitchen sink and faucet is made up of many parts smartly linked to one another. Yet many of these parts could become loose as time passes. If your sink is leaking near the base, the adjusting band or nut could have come unfastened with exorbitant usage. Use a wrench to tighten these components – you might have to make these modifications occasionally. If the base continues to leak, it might be because of issues with the springs.

When attempting to tighten up loose parts yourself, it is vital that you prep the task area and take a couple of safety measures:

  • Know what kind of faucet you have, for example, ball, cartridge, ceramic disk, etc.
  • Shut down the water supply before you attempt to fix a leaky faucet. In San Diego, numerous water damage issues have occurred due to people forgetting to shut off water supply when fixing such leaks.
  • Keep the drain area covered to ensure that no parts slip into the hole when you are working.
  • Unscrew the handles to check for loose parts
  • Utilize a wrench to release the nuts, that may also get loose with time

EZ Plumbing Restoration

If you are looking for a company that offers services such as faucet installation in San Diego, EZ Plumbing Restoration is the one to contact. A family-owned business that offers plumbing services across California, we are the experts in affordable plumbing solutions. Your search for a company offering faucet installation in San Diego might connect you with one that has a bad track record. By calling EZ Plumbing Restoration, our customer service connects you with an honest, experienced and licensed plumber who guarantees the outcome and quality of services delivered.

If you are frequently faced with leaks in your plumbing, then fixing just the visible issue is the true cause of problems. An EZ plumber offering services such as faucet repair in San Diego will give you evidence-based reports on what are the hidden and potential leak causes within your plumbing. We also offer a free inspection and consultation.

Searching “faucet repair in San Diego near me” gives you a lot of information but nothing that helps you decide which company is more trustworthy and can offer affordable solutions backed by a warranty. Without knowing this, you might end up spending $65 to $150 to fix plumbing leaks every 3-4 months.

EZ Plumbing Restoration cares about their customers and its own track record. We are an established company offering services over several decades. Our experience allows us to identify leak causes in very less time as we have access to smart plumbing inspection tools. We not only fix leaky faucets in San Diego but also offer leak detection and water damage repair solutions.

There are certainly a number of repair jobs you can manage yourself. For instance, changing a washer is easy enough and may take less than one hour. Nevertheless, in case your sink leaks are caused due to severe pipe damage, it could take a plumbing engineer longer to correct the problem, which escalates the price. The best way to find out how much you are looking at would be to call us right away!

Our EZ Plumbing Restoration technician will examine the sink or basin or equipment and identify the fundamental reason behind the leak. A plumber also can check other faucets to make sure you will have simply no other dilemmas present.

Our plumbing repair and installation professionals are among the best you can get. Their skill, frame of mind and experience have shown that we have grown to be a recognized company. We shall look after your property as though it was our own, and get the job done with speed and accuracy.

Hiring EZ plumbing offers you the satisfaction that stems from knowing that you are dealing with the leading service provider offering faucet repair in San Diego; a company that cares about your comfort and ease, and gets the work done right the first time, each time.

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