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What Are The Benefits Of Flushing Your Water Heater?

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The water heater is easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home. One of the best things about water heaters is that they are very long-lasting and durable. However, they need periodic maintenance as well. Flushing and cleaning your water heaters every 6-12 months is a very productive practice. This will not only make your water heater last long but also provide a myriad of other benefits. Find out all about the benefits of flushing a water heater.

It removes all the sediments

Flushing a water heater will remove all the sediments from your water heater. If you live in an area with excessive hard water your water heater will soon accumulate sediments. The sediments will then stop your water heater from properly heating. Flushing your water heater out every 6-12 months will ensure that there are no sediments building inside your unit.

It reduces noise

If your water heater already has a scale and sediment problem, the chances are it creates a very annoying noise when it heats up. Flushing your water heater will eliminate that noise. However, you should know that the noise is created when small air pockets are mixed with the sediments so when it heats it makes a variety of crackling sounds.

It improves heating and reduces energy bills

Consider flushing as a reset. You have noticed how resetting your cell phone or computer makes it faster. It is because all the junk files, caches, and unnecessary big files are cleared out. Similarly, when you flush your water heater all the dirt, blockages, debris, and pipes are cleared out. Since everything including your heating element is clean the heating quality will improve significantly. For this reason, your water will take less time to boil with lesser energy. You can reduce your energy bills by 2-10% with flushing.

It ensures warranty protection

Warranty is a tricky subject. There are many clauses and terms and conditions. There are many warranties that do not cover your water heater if there is sediment or scale buildup inside. The logic behind this is since you have not taken care of your water heater at all, why should the company take responsibility. So regularly flushing out will ensure its warranty protection. If something happens to your water heater you can easily claim your warranty then.

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It increases the lifespan of the water heater

A high-quality water heater has the potential to last for 10-20 years easily. Despite this, many water heaters will see problems within the first 5 years. This is mainly due to negligence and lack of maintenance.

If you regularly flush your water heater and clean it every 12 months the lifespan will improve significantly. There are many water heater clients of EZ Plumbing & Restoration who have a 15-20 years old unit. They regularly flush their water heaters.

How do you flush a hot water heater?

One of the most frequent searches regarding water heaters is, “how to drain my water heater?” Flushing a water heater is easier than you think. There are certain things that you will need though. You need a garden hose and a bucket. You might need a pump if your water heater is in the basement and a wrench to turn off and on the valve. The steps for flushing your water heater are as follows:

  • Shut off the gas or electricity of your water heater.
  • Connect the hose to the drain valve. You have to keep the other side of the hose to a bucket or a drain.
  • Open the drain valve and let the water go out.
  • During this, you can also open your T & P valve
  • This is optional but you can check the water bucket for sediment.
  • If there is sediment you need to flush it till the water runs clear.
  • After this, you are pretty much done. Refill your tank, reconnect gas/electricity and start using the water heater again.

Always remember, that how you drain a hot water heater can have a significant impact on your water heater’s performance. If you are not 100% sure about your method you must call a water heater expert in Los Angeles .

How to get sediments out of the water heater?

Sometimes sediment will not go with only a flush. In that case, you can use the vinegar technique. You can use a vinegar-water solution to fill your tank. You need to keep your water heater soaked for at least six hours and up to 18 hours. Make sure to drain it before turning the water heater on.

How often should you flush your water heater?

The discussion was mostly about traditional water heaters. Although the same guidelines with minor changes can also be applied to every other water heater. So, how often should you drain your water heater? As discussed before, once every 12 months should be sufficient. However, the different kinds of water heaters may require more or less frequent flushing.

The solar water heater needs to be flushed every 2-3 years. Tankless water heaters can do well once a year just like the traditional water heaters. Hybrid water heaters may need flushing every six months. If you live in an area with a significant mineral percentage in your water, you might need to flush it every 6 months in some cases even more frequently.

How to reduce noise from a tankless water heater?

Noises from your tankless water heater are a direct result of sediment buildup. But how do you drain a hot water tank for a tankless water heater? The basics of it are the same as the traditional tank-based ones. The steps are:

  • Locate the shut-off valve
  • Get a bucket, two hoses, a submersible pump, and good quality vinegar
  • Unscrew the cold water valve
  • Pour the vinegar into the tank with the pump
  • Clean the air intake filter
  • Soak it for six hours minimum
  • Rinse it with clean water
  • Turn the water heater on

If you do not have the equipment or need specialized equipment to flush the water heater you should call a water heater expert. EZ Plumbing & Restoration provides water heater services and it also includes flushing the water heater. Water heater teams have the necessary insight and advantage of having the updated equipment around. If you can hire them, you should as it will protect your water heater from any unwanted complications.

EZ Plumbing & Restoration can become your go-to water heater plumber. We offer maintenance for all types of water heaters which also includes flushing. If your water heater has any issues you can contact us for affordable water heater repair in Los Angeles. We will also provide water heater replacement services if you want to swap your old water heater.

For water heater installation in Los Angeles, you can procure a suitable unit directly from us. If you have already procured a water heater on your own we will install it for you. EZ Plumbing & Restoration has dedicated residential and commercial water heater teams. Just give us a call and we will be at your doorstep within an hour.

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