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Best Ways To Control Tree Root Damage In Sewer Line

control tree root damage in sewer line

Trees, particularly older ones, could cause trouble for close-by drainage systems over the future. Leaves can easily clog roofing gutters, while tree roots can reach deep into underground pipes, reducing the efficiency of your sewer lines. That is especially a problem for old homes built prior to heavy-duty drain pipes becoming prevalent in the 1970s. In those times, sewers were generally made of clay, concrete, and cast-iron.

Plastic pipes are merged together firmly with solvent cement, making them nearly impervious to root invasion unless the pipe itself is broken. Older pipes aren’t as well guarded against key intrusion so that it is common for roots to go through underground pipelines at the pipes and create clog issues inside. When you have trees near your underground sewer, and more than two drains in your home are slow, you almost certainly have roots in your sewer line.

Precisely How Do Tree Roots Enter Pipes?

Even the smallest little break in a sewer or water pipe is seen as an invitation for tiny root fibers to wiggle inside. Classic porcelain or earthenware pipes are distinguished for having small cracks, and if they’re not wide enough to be leading to service problems, they could be a little root that pressures its way through, widening the cracks.

PVC pipes are more tolerant to tree roots as long as you can find no splits or breaks in the pipes and only when the joins and parts have been totally and entirely sealed when installed. But here is the problem. Usually, in the pipe-laying step of a new build, apprentices will undoubtedly be left to do the gluing of parts of the pipe. They put plenty of glue to keep the pipes jointly, but occasionally little spaces remain. This, again, is the main door to all of those other roots in the pimple many years later.

To Get Control On Tree Roots Within Your Sewer Lines, Here Are Some Things You Can Try:

Routine Sewer Cleaning

An expert sewer cleaning San Diego team can by mechanical means clean your sewer using sewer cleaning equipment built with long spinning cables with cutting blades on end. The efficiency of the cleaning depends on the kind of equipment the plumber uses and which kind of pipe you have. Clay tile, plastic, cement, and cast-iron pipes could be efficiently washed in this manner.

Deep-rooted trees may cause severe damage to your plumbing when root intrusion does occur. A plumbing professional from EZ Plumbing uses the industry’s most effective and able machines to cut roots out of underground pipes and any kind of or size of a drainpipe.

Use A Root-Killing Solution

Several times a year, exclusively formulated killer solutions may be flushed down a toilet into the sewer to kill the root base in the pipes without damaging surrounding trees. Discuss the products with your service specialist. He or she can suggest products that are safe, environmentally dependable, and suitable for use locally.

If things persist – Get a Plumber to Inspect the system with a sewer camera inspection. If you notice water leaks in your basement or plumbing fittings, a tree in your backyard or outside could be at fault. A Sewer Line Repair San Diego plumbing professional can uncover major issues, spaces between pipes, openings, or structural issues that are affecting your sewer collection.

Do Not Ignore A Broken Sewer Pipe?

Tree roots may damage your sewer lines, and pipes might have to be repaired or replaced. When you have water seepage into the yard, backed pipes, and blocked drains you might be having tree root damage to your pipes. Standard ways of pipe replacement need you to find out the problem pipe and replace it. EZ plumbers have the best sewer camera inspection in San Diego that is less invasive, faster and needs just a few small holes to correct your damaged pipes.

When you have blocked pipes that aren't giving signs where the issue can be, get in touch with us. We are qualified to discover the problem, do the repair quickly, and get the water flowing freely.

Tactics For Finding The Best Plumber


When using the services of a specialist San Diego plumber, it's important to scrutinize their accreditations. The most severe mistake that lots of homeowners make is employing plumbers without seeing the qualifications of the plumbers they are going to hire. Let's assume that every plumber that you find has the skills that you require is exactly what mess's lots of people. Qualifications such as license show that the plumber involved is focused on offering you quality services.

Professional Experience

Another significant component to consider in a good plumber may be the specialist experience. Remember that experience is the better instructor and the greater work experience the plumbers have, the better the abilities to offer you quality services. Let the plumber inform you about the number of years they have been in the plumbing industry as well as some of the things that they have achieved. If indeed they do this, you'll be able to hire them with more confidence. Getting services from an established plumbing services company assures you get reliable and guaranteed services.

Pricing Method

You can even utilize the prices solution to determine if the plumber that you will be going to hire is the correct one for your home. How do you want to do this? Well, it is easy; the phrase that you will get everything you pay for is fairly relevant in cases like this. Plumbing companies can offer you very fair and reasonable rates as they have the resources to offer competitively-priced services.


A superb plumber ought to be insured. That is essential because while on duty, things that were not planned for may happen. For example, they could break a few of your stuff, and if they're not covered, then you will possibly not be compensated. That wouldn't be an excellent thing for you. Aside from checking that the plumber is covered by insurance, additionally, you need to be sure of their contract scenarios.

Next time you have a leaking pipe or detect a shower drain, don't be too speedy in selecting a plumber. Remember the recommendations above to ensure that the job is performed right the very first time. Pinpointing what you ought to search for a plumber could make working with a crisis significantly less nerve-racking. And should anyone ever end up in a crisis situation, our plumbers are readily available 24 hours a day to assist you.

EZ Plumbing offers you many of these benefits and much more. Call us for a precise estimation, reliable work, and exceptional service if you need a plumbing repair or installation service.

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