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Sewer Camera Inspection San Diego


Plumbing issues in the drainage system is one of the most annoying troubles that homeowners face. A blocked sewer line as well as drain can hamper the entire plumbing system and it is very tricky to get the coagulation from debris and slime fixed efficiently without professional help. EZ Plumbing Restoration offers highly effective solutions through its sewer camera inspection San Diego. We are a well known name in drainage system cleaning, repairing and maintenance services. Our licensed and expert plumbers can get your drains, toilet pipe blockages or water leakages solved completely without any scope of recurring issues. Our sewer camera inspection San Diego ensure that no hidden issues continue to hamper the functioning of your drainage systems.

We have a team of talented plumbers, engineers, technicians with expertise in managing all kinds of plumbing issues. They use the best equipment and cameras for sewer inspection to assess the condition of sewer blockages or leakages. And all within a reasonable budget! To enable efficient maintenance of your drainage systems, approach us for sewer camera inspection service, pipe inspection jobs in San Diego.

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    To understand and conduct an accurate visual inspection of the condition of sewer lines and other pipes, plumbers require specifically designed waterproof video cameras. We use the best in the market sewer inspection cameras so that not even a tiny blockage possibility is missed. Our sewer camera inspection experts in San Diego are well trained to flawlessly handle the inspection procedure. Whatever be the issue affecting your sewer pipelines and drainage system, EZ Plumbing’s experts in San Diego can fix it just right.

    • Damages in Sewer pipe
    • Drooping condition of sewer line
    • Flushing debris or unwanted things from toilet
    • Infiltration of tree roots in sewer line
    • Saturation of heavy grease or oils down the drain lines
    • Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance over a prolonged period

    These are some of the few common reasons for which your pipe inspection get affected badly. Before the entire plumbing system of your house fails to work properly, you need to resolve problems on time. EZ Plumbing Restoration is there to keep the condition of the plumbing system of your house perfect.

    Advantages of EZ

    Plumbing Inspection San Diego


    If you encounter any sort of sewer line blockage, plumbing inspection San Diego gives you the most effective solutions. EZ’s trained support staff use high-resolution, waterproof video camera to get thorough and accurate visual examination of blocked sewer lines, wall drains, and then go for the best solution to fix the blockage. Some key benefits of our sewer camera inspection San Diego are mentioned below.

    Sewer camera inspection San Diego helps our plumbers to resolve the problem first time right. The exact issues and its location and it extent is detected through our sewer camera tools and it helps to assure a thorough repair job.

    Our plumbing inspection experts in San Diego can also locate the cause of your plumbing troubles creating sewer blockages or leakages and help in preventing issues that are avoidable.

    Specialized sewer camera inspection services are most effective when it comes to fixing the sewer line blockage problem. Every sewer line is not similar in size, length and all sewer pipe lines don’t get affected due to the same reason. To find out the actual reason whether the pipe is cracked or tree root infiltration has occurred in a sewer pipe line. sewer camera inspection play a major role.

    With the help of sewer camera inspection San Diego, you can get the image of clogged sewer pipe lines, drains and walls. This helps you to understand the extent of the required cleaning and plumbing services you are paying for, and decide whether that service is worthy or not.

    Give EZ Plumbing Restoration’s San Diego team a call to avail yourself of the best pipe inspection San Diego. We are here to solve all kinds of plumbing and drainage cleaning.


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