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What Are The Signs Of The Clogged Drains?

Drain Cleaning

In our day-to-day activities, people can easily forget about the plumbing of their homes. It is a familiar scene that we can find in almost every household. We tend to get attentive towards our home’s plumbing only if something appears to be wrong. There have been cases where trying to fix the problem yourself has done more harm to the already existing circumstance. Therefore, it is a wise decision to call for professional help without doing it yourself. There are hundreds of companies providing drain service in San Diego, but we offer it at an affordable rate. They will help you identify the exact location of the problem and provide you with a list of ways to fix the issue based on your estimated budget.

However, it can become quite tricky to understand whether there is any need for professional help or not. One has to stay attentive towards its surroundings to identify a possible issue of a clogged drain. If you are thinking about how you should understand the need for a professional drain cleaning, here is a complete list to make your process simple.

1. Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is a clear indication of a clogged drain. If you find water in a sink that is not draining off or find yourself standing in water that has reached over your feet, maybe it is time for a top-notch drain repair service in San Diego. It can be hair or gunk that is the real culprit behind the standing water. However, whatever the reason may be, it is not letting the water pass by in a much greater quantity. In this situation, the only remedy available to one is availing a service of drain cleaning in San Diego experts, CA. These professionals are experts in identifying the problematic area and apply customized solutions to you.

2. Slow Draining Of Water

Apart from experiencing stagnant water, another indication of a clogged drain in San Diego can be slow water drainage. You can often experience a situation when it takes a lot of time to empty the water in the bathtub or washbasin. This is likely to be a clogged drain that obstructs the water to drain out.

This can be caused by gathering and compiling food particles, hair, grease, etc. These tend to get accumulated within the drainage system of your house and create a hindrance for the water to move out. If not taken care of, this can soon take the form of a bigger problem and can cost you thousands of bucks. Call for immediate professional help for an expert drain service in San Diego.

3. Sound From Pipelines

You may experience unfamiliar sounds coming from your washbasin, bathtub, washing machine, or other places. However, it may seem to you that the drainage system is lovely. These weird noises are an indication of a slowly growing clog in your drainage system.

This generally happens when air bubbles are formed due to a formation of a clog. It creates a light obstruction for the water to pass it. At this moment, you can hear the weird sounds coming out of your washbasins as the water drains off. It is a good signal as it indicates a mere formation of a clog that has not yet taken the form of a worsened case.

At this stage, it is better to call a professional who can provide affordable drain service in San Diego, thereby saving thousands of your bucks.

4. Foul Odor Coming From Your Home

If you are experiencing a weird smell that you do not know where it is coming from, it can be a probable cause of a clogged drain. These types of smells do not go away despite cleaning your house several times. You may not find any malfunctioning in your drainage system. However, this does not indicate any gunk forming up in your pipelines. In this situation, you should immediately call for professional help, who can analyze your home’s plumbing and find out the source of the smell. With the latest technologies and years of experience in the plumbing field, the drain cleaning service providers in San Diego will deliver solutions based on your expected budget and the structure of your home’s pipeline.

5. Water Overflowing From Toilets

If water is overflowing from your toilet frequently, it is a signal of a clogged drainage system. This can happen due to the accumulation of toilet paper and toilet wastes in these sewage pipes, thereby clogging the pipelines. In this situation, it is best to hire experienced drain cleaning service providers in San Diego who can efficiently identify the exact source of the problem and provide a customized situation for you to use your toilet without any issue again.

6. Backup Of Water

Many homeowners experience a pool of water standing just as they enter their bathroom. This acts as a clear indication of a complete clogged drain. It is the worst scenario that a homeowner can experience as it involves a hectic process while cleaning the bathroom. It also involves spending thousands of bucks to repair the damage. The messiest part, in this case, is the accumulation of foul-smelling dirt that takes quite a long time to thoroughly wash off. It also acts as a possible hazard to your family’s health as the stagnant water and dirt cause bacteria to form that can lead to several diseases to take place. This situation calls for an immediate drain repair service in San Diego that can provide you with a permanent solution and reduce the chances of getting infected due to dirt accumulation.

7. Multiple Uses Of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners can do wonders in cleaning all the clogs trapped in your drainage system. However, excessive usage of liquid drain cleaner can be a sign that there are tough clogs still trapped in the pipelines. These drain cleaners are formulated in a way to melt down any accumulated gunks in the drains. If even after using a bottle of the liquid drain cleaner you face slow water moving drains, it can be assigned that clogs remain in your pipeline. In this situation, adding extra bottles of liquid drain cleaner will not benefit you in any way. This situation needs the immediate attention of a professional drain repair service provider in San Diego, who can efficiently spot out the source and clear your home’s piping without damaging any part.

8. Facing More Than One Clogged Drains

Sometimes if you are facing just one clogged toilet or sink, it can be a normal situation. However, if you face the same situation in multiple toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and washbasins, it indicates a significant problem building up in your pipes. This is a situation that homeowners with normal homemade tricks cannot handle; it calls for the attention of a professional who can provide customized solutions based on the structure of your house and the pipe system without causing physical damage to your property. With the utilization of the latest technologies, professionals can easily detect the source of clogged drains and provide respective services.

9. Experiencing Frequent Clogs In The Drain

Are you experiencing frequent clogs in one or multiple washbasins, sinks, or bathtubs? Is it happening again even though you took care of it? This might indicate a more serious blockage that will not get fixed with some mere home remedies. In maximum times the gunks can get built up inside the pipelines, which are more challenging to reach. In these cases, even the liquid drain cleaners might not melt down the accumulated clogs. The buildup can frequently return and create problems, thereby raising the maintenance cost to a significant level. In this situation, it is better to immediately seek professional help who can accurately identify the exact location of the buildup using their cutting-edge technology and provide a permanent solution to the issue.

What To Do In These Situations?

When people experience any one or more than one of these indications, they may try to apply homemade tricks to fix the problem to save some bucks. However, this action can backfire on you and lead to a more worsened situation where you have no other option but to seek the help of an affordable drain service in San Diego immediately. However, in this stage, the cost of repairing the damage can display a significant hike in the prices. Therefore, it is better to reach out to a professional in the early stages to avoid any complexities.

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Using Of Home Remedies

The blockages in the pipelines can be caused due to usual reasons that do not call for professional attention. In these situations, few homemade DIYs and tools can do the trick. Here are two ways that can provide you temporary relief to your problem.

1. Using A Solution Of Baking Soda And White Vinegar

If you are experiencing slow drainage of water from the washbasin, toilets, bathtubs, or sinks for the first time or very rarely, you can first try pouring a solution made of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. These elements have properties that can easily break down and melt the buildup of molds, grease, and other less intensive substances. Therefore, it is a cost-effective solution that can do the trick and efficiently fix your problems without spending much on plum birds in the first stage. However, it is better to get the piping system checked once to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

2. Using Liquid Drain Washer

A store-bought liquid drain washer is a quick solution to melt down multiple buildups that cannot be dissolved using homemade solutions. Often a single bottle of this washer is more than enough to keep you out of the problem of a clogged drain in San Diego. However, certain situations can force you to use more than the regular quantity of the liquid drain washer. In any situation, too much of something is not called for. Similar is the case for the liquid drain washer as well. It is best to use it in the recommended quantity only. If more is required, immediately seek professional assistance as it may indicate a much deep-rooted problem.


Through this article, we can understand how to identify a hidden clogged drain in San Diego at the early stages without allowing it to get worse. In many cases, every homeowner must hire a professional to get the whole house draining system checked at least once a year.

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