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Drain Cleaning in Orange County

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Drain backups, slow-moving drains, and unpleasant odors from your sink drain are quite common but troublesome plumbing issues. EZ provides routine drain cleaning Orange County CA for both households and businesses. Our licensed, background-checked, and insured technicians are available 24/7 for clog removal and drain cleaning services.

We offer services with upfront pricing, flat rates, and no overtime charges. Our drain cleaning services in Orange County include but are not limited to video pipe inspections, drain snaking, and hydro-jetting. We believe in providing long-term solutions to plumbing issues.

We believe in providing long-term solutions to plumbing issues. That is why we go the extra mile to assess the condition of your drains and suggest appropriate measures to prevent any plumbing emergencies in the future. We treat our customers as our friends and will answer all your questions regarding our services with a smile.

EZ’s experts for drain cleaning in Orange County use the latest cutting-edge technology to clean various kinds of drains including kitchen sink drains, shower drains, bathtub drains, toilet drains, floor drains, and a lot more. If the problem persists after we have cleaned the drain, we shall refund the service amount in full. Call us today for high-quality drain cleaning in Orange County, CA.

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    Drain Cleaning in Orange County, CA

    Includes All Kinds of Drains

    Kitchen drain cleaning

    Kitchen drains are vulnerable to clogs due to the accumulation of soaps, fats, greases, and detergents. A slow or backed-up kitchen drain can bring your life to a standstill. EZ’s drain cleaning experts in Orange County have the necessary experience and skills to solve all kinds of kitchen drain issues. We also provide kitchen sink drain replacements for severely damaged drains.

    Bathroom drain cleaning

    Clogged bathroom drains are a quite frequent occurrence too. Bathroom sink drains, shower drains, and bathtub drains tend to get clogged with hair, toothpaste, and soap buildup. Toilet drain clogs could take place due to the accumulation of non-flushable materials. Irrespective of the nature of the clog, Our best plumbers in Orange County can provide guaranteed bathroom drain cleaning services.

    Floor drain cleaning

    Floor drains prevent flooding and water damage in laundry rooms, basements, garages, driveways, utility rooms, and patios. Despite their great utility, they tend to be ignored by most house owners and business owners. Our floor drain cleaning service in Orange County includes detection of clogs, immediate clog removal, and regular maintenance to avoid clogs in the future. We also fill drain traps regularly to keep away unpleasant odors from your home or business.

    Commercial Sewer Drain Cleaning

    If you own a food processing facility or restaurant, organic matter and grease can obstruct your drain lines. We use advanced drain cleaning techniques including hydro-jetting to clean commercial sewer and drain lines.

    Drain Cleaning Services in Orange County

    We Offer a Range of Solutions to Treat Clogged or Backed-up Drains. Call Us Anytime For a Free Estimate.


    One of the most commonly used drain cleaning methods is electric drain-snaking. EZ’s drain cleaning experts in Orange County CA use motorized drain snakes to remove the cause of the blockage before conducting a detailed video camera inspection to determine the underlying cause of the clog.


    EZ’s hydro-jetting experts in Orange County use high-pressured jets of water to clean your drain lines. Hydro-jetting can effectively remove scaling, grease, sludge, and other materials that have accumulated over the years. Opt for EZ’s hydro-jetting services today and avoid drain clogs for years to come.

    Spot Repairs

    If the sewer or drain lines cannot be cleaned, it might be necessary to carry out spot repairs. EZ’s spot repair experts can identify the damaged section of your drain or sewer line and replace it effectively in the first attempt. Our spot repairs for drain and sewer lines are 100% hassle-free.

    Drain Replacement

    If spot repairs, hydro-jetting, and drain-snaking do not work, we might have to carry out a complete drain replacement. Our drain replacement services are 100% guaranteed and can provide a long-term solution to your drainage issues. We replace damaged drains with minimal excavations.

    Why Choose Us For

    Drain Cleaning in Orange County?

    If you encounter a clogged or backed-up drain, you cannot afford to wait until the morning or the next working day to contact expert assistance. Clogged drains have to be unclogged immediately to prevent water damage to your home or business.

    EZ’s skilled and experienced drain cleaning experts are available 24/7 for emergency drain cleaning Orange County CA. Our vehicles are always adequately stocked with essential repair equipment to ensure that there is no delay in the repair work. You can trust us to reach your doorstep within 60 minutes of your emergency call.

    If water damage has already occurred due to a drain backup, our in-house water damage restoration experts can quickly extract the accumulated water and dehumidify the place. For your convenience, we bill insurance directly with several leading insurance companies.

    Our services are fairly-priced and also aim to limit your long term expenditure. During the drain cleaning service, our experts will suggest suitable measures to avoid devastating drain backups that require expensive repairs. We believe in perfect communication with our customers. Get in touch with us today for more information.


    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.