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What Are The Signs That You Need To Hire a Water Heater Repair Expert

water heater repair

The water heater is an essential part of your home’s ecosystem. Without it, you could suffer. So it can be beneficial if you can learn a thing or two about how to repair your water heater. Some of the time, you can do it on your own. Other times, you will need an expert.

Significant water heater repair in San Diego might require a professional water heater company. But some small tasks can be done by yourself. Remember, if you are unsure about your skills, it is always the best course of action to hire a prominent company for water heater repair in San Diego. Unskilled DIY can impact your and your family’s safety.

Signs of a faulty water heater

  • Leaking tanks
  • Cackling and bubbling noises
  • Too hot water or not enough hot water
  • Colored or rusty water
  • Moldy water

If these signs persist for a few days, you should drain your water heater. If, after draining a couple of times, the problem still comes back, you should begin the process of repairing it.

Water heaters repair by yourself

Electric water heaters share staggering similarities with their gas-based cousins. While the main difference is the heat source, a lot of the things are somewhat the same. Except where the heat source is concerned, what works on an electric water heater should, in theory, work on a gas-powered water heater as well. So here are the steps or suggestions for what to do if your water heater is not working properly. Water heater repair in San Diego can be quick and hassle-free if you know what to expect. Here are a few tips you can use for DIY water heater repairs.

  • Check the warranty of your water heater. If it is within the warranty period, call them and state the situation. Do not attempt any DIY tactics whatsoever as it can nullify your warranty.
  • If there is no hot water you can start by checking the circuit breaker of your water heater. If the circuit breaker has tipped off, switch it back on. In the event that is not the case, remove the access panel, insulation, and plastic safety guard. Press the red button. It should resolve the problem. If it does not, your heating element may be faulty. You need an expert to replace it.
  • If there is not simply enough hot water you are dealing with a capacity issue. Any decent water heater should run at 80% of its claimed capacity. Your water heater unit’s size might not be ideal for your family. A 40-gallon water heater should be adequate for a family. If it is not undersized, your heating element might need replacement. Heating element needs to be purchased by a certified dealer so you should contact a water heater expert for the task.
  • If the water is too hot then your thermostat might be set too high. In that case, you remove the panel, insulation, and plastic safety guard. Then check both thermostats. They should be at equal temperatures. The recommended temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is not the same, adjust it to make it so. Put everything in place and turn on the water heater again.
  • Water leaks are a nightmare to deal with. Usually, it is caused by leaking valves, corrosion in the tanks, or loosening of the fixtures. To deal with water leaks, and inspect tanks, fixtures, and valves. If it can be tightened, tighten them. Other than that, corrosion in the tank or leaking pipe needs to be replaced. Hire a professional water heater repair San Diego Company for the work.
  • Sediment and corrosion can make the water look rusty and discolored. Every water heater has an anode rod to prevent corrosion from happening. You might have to replace the anode rod in this case which again needs professional help.
  • If your tank is making noises it might be due to the excessive buildup of sediment which causes the bottom of the water heater to overheat. The solution is rather easy. You just have to drain your water heater tank a couple of times. If the sediment is persistent then you can soak the water heater tank in vinegar water solution. However, if this also does not resolve the problem you might have to replace the tank.

The bottom line is, you can drain the water heater yourself, check the thermostat, replace the circuit breaker, etc. Water heater experts should handle any problem that requires a part replacement or careful detection. There are also some insurance policies and legal concerns that forbid property owners to attempt DIY tactics. All in all, if you are unsure about anything, it is best to seek the advice of a professional company.

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Water heater maintenance

Water heater maintenance is crucial if you want to have a problem-free water heater for a long time. A thorough inspection and repair every 1 or 2 years can prolong your water heater’s lifespan. Usually, a water heater will last you at least 12 years. The warranty will be over before that. So your best bet for having little trouble with the water heater is to have it maintained at regular intervals.

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