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Uncovering 7 Myths For Water Heater Installation: Have A look

water heater installation

These days, the popularity of installing a water heater is increasing because of the winters! The selling of water heaters in the market is rapidly going up day by day, and it produces a storm.

You may be wondering what’s the reason behind and how to improve water heater installation in Riverside? There are so many misconceptions among the people regarding water heaters. Like another traditional system, these tankless water systems offer greater efficiency.

Now people are buying this system because of the increasing need for hot water. This system is still new for some customers who are still not aware of its features. Here in this article, we are going to uncover all those myths that you have in your mind regarding water heater installation services.

Here we have mentioned all the functionalities of the water system. If you are planning to install the water heater system in the upcoming time, you should know about these realities from the top water heater services in Riverside.

Do You Want To Install A Water Heater At Your Home?

The cost of installing a water heater is almost 20 percent of the entire household budget. Almost every one of us is spending most of our time at home during the pandemic. Because of changes in season, we depend upon hot water. Therefore, to improve the hot water flow in the washroom and kitchen, people look for water heater systems or water heater services in Riverside.

But once you install this at your home, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Water heaters are the most ignored appliance of your home, and that’s why it causes maximum issues. In case you neglect this, it will leave you in a flood-like situation. Water heaters are more energy-efficient than any other electrical appliances at your home.

A tankless water heater is something that we have in our home. Yes. Switching from the traditional water systems to the tankless water system could be expensive for you, but it offers greater efficiency and improves the water flow.

No matter whether you are installing a new one or want to repair your old one, hiring professional water heater services in Riverside is the best choice. It is the worthiest choice that you will ever make in your entire life.

The tankless water heaters are the best and ideal choice for water heater installation. There are varieties of myths that may stop you from installing this. But after reading this article, you can clearly understand the reality behind the myths. If you have any misconceptions regarding efficiency, performance, and effectiveness, this article will remain beneficial for you.

Misconception Regarding The Tankless Water Heaters

Myth 1: The Water Heaters Are Unproven New Technology

Reality : This is a common myth that people have in their minds. They think this is the brand new advanced technology, but in reality, the tankless water heater has been used worldwide over the years. These are the standard-style water heaters that are used in so many locations.

Myth 2: Tankless Water Heaters Reduce Water Pressure

Reality : This is the second myth because a water heater doesn’t reduce the pressure of water. If you feel that the pressure of water is decreased as compared to before, that’s not the mistake of a water filter.

The chances are you may have the wrong model that causes a decrease in water flow rate. Mistakes at the time of installation can also be the reason for it. When you install a water heater tank in the right way, it will produce hot water within 2 degrees.

Myth 3: The Water Heaters Cause Wastage Of Water And Take Time

Reality : This statement is completely false. The speed of water is the same from the water heater to the fixtures. Sometimes the water heater can’t heat the water that’s already there inside the pipe, and that’s why it releases cold water for a few seconds before hot water. If anyone wants to eliminate this problem, then all they can do is install it near or closer to the fixture. So, it is completely wrong that water heaters wastewater or takes time to perform.

Myth 4: Water Heaters Charge A High Cost For Maintenance

Reality : The tankless water heater doesn’t contain or hold a tank. The tankless water heater doesn’t consist of the same mineral buildup and corrosion similar to the traditional water heaters. Therefore, there is no chance of building huge contaminants and sediments inside the water heater. So, overall you only need to opt for maintenance recommended for one time in a year. It has a lower maintenance cost than the traditional water heater.

Myth 5: Tankless Water Heaters Give Instant Hot Water

Reality : We all know that the tankless water heater produces efficient and smooth water. It provides an endless amount of water supply. The water automatically gets heated when it passes through a heat exchanger.

As long as the water flows through, the unit will heat up. The cold water in the pipe needs to be pushed inside before the hot water arrives. So, it all goes upon the quality of the water heater, supply speed, and installation as per the water heater installation in Riverside.

Myth 6: It Is Tough To Operate And Consume More Energy

Reality : As per the people, the tankless water heaters are tough to operate, and it consumes more energy. But the reality is the traditional hot water systems are tough to operate, and it consumes more energy.

If you are uninterested in paying more for the electricity and water bills, it is good to hire a tankless water heater. Moreover, the traditional water heaters become less efficient over time as it contains minerals and sediment, getting built up over time.

Myth 7: Tankless Water Heaters Cost More Than Traditional Water Heaters

Reality : Most people think that tankless water heater costs are high as compared to traditional water heaters. Some of the households want to purchase water heaters that cost low maintenance and electricity, and because of the misconception, they purchase water heaters with tanks, and this is the biggest mistake of your life.

The water heater is the ideal choice for low monthly costs. It needs less cost to operate and lasts longer as compared to the traditional water heater. Before buying any water heater system, make sure to get a consultation from the professional water heater installation service provider in Riverside regarding the water heater that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Do You Have Any More Misconceptions In Your Mind?

No worries, we have got you covered!

Myths : All tankless water heaters are the same!

Reality : Are all water heaters the same? Well, different water heater manufacturers make several models. Not all water heaters are the same; they differ in size, shape, and more. You can’t pick any water heater for your home. You should pick one which goes with your budget as well as your requirement.

Before purchasing any one of them, make sure to look for the family size, water use patterns, and the layout of your home. Pick the model which is best for you. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a water heater that is easy to install and replace whenever needed. Hire the best water heater installation services to get rid of these situations.

Myths: Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters Freeze In Winter

Reality : The best perk of the tankless water heater is you can install this anytime and anywhere. You can locate this anywhere in the inside or outside area. Some of the water heaters are designed to be installed outside. Few people think that the water heaters, when installed outside freeze, in the winters and don’t flow the water at the same speed.

Well, this is the rare issue where the temperature is going to be below freezing for more than 24 hours. To get rid of this issue, you can release a slow stream of hot water overnight to keep your water from freezing.

Myths: Tankless Water Heater Heats The Water To An Unsafe Temperature

Reality : The tankless water heaters are small in size, and that’s why they may doesn’t have some parts as compared to the traditional water heater system. Most people think it doesn’t have a thermostat to make the water hot at a certain temperature. Are you thinking the same? If yes, you are wrong.

The tankless water heater system offers an adjustable thermostat. This adjustable thermostat is fully customized, and it keeps you away from the chances of preventing overheating and potential scalding; for the best solution, hire reliable water heater installation services in Riverside.

Myths: They Require Natural Gas

Reality : Some tankless water heaters need natural gas, but not all! Yes, you are wrong at this time too. Some of the water heaters use propane-powered systems that offer efficient features. But at the same time, there are electrical versions of water heaters that almost use 15 to 20 percent less energy than a conventional electric tank water heater.

Myths: They Don’t Work With hard water

Reality : We think that the water heater is the advanced upgraded version of the hot water system, and it can’t work with hard water. As you know, the Well water is too hard for tankless water heaters, but you will be surprised to know that there are no significant changes. The quality of water is different depending upon the location and the mineral composition. So, overall it works well for all kinds of water.

So, here are the myths that we uncover for you. Now there is no need to produce any second thought regarding the water heater before buying. You should stop thinking about the cost and operation. These are less expensive in the long run and easy to operate and also supply instant hot water.

Similarly, when it comes to annual inspection, every water heater needs an annual inspection from top-notch water heater services in Riverside, and this is beneficial for your home. It gives you convenience and maintains or balances your day-to-day chores.

So, what have you decided? Are you ready to bring a new water heater system for your home? In the next section, we are going to mention all the small facts that one should consider while going to buy a new water heater system and hiring experienced water heater services. Let’s check those:

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Considerations You Should Make Before Purchasing A New Water Heater System:


Before purchasing any water heater system, determine the capacity of the water heater. You should consider the number of people you have in your home. If you have a nuclear family, you should pick the small tank. Before buying, consider your budget, uses, and size of your family. In extreme winters, you need to buy a high-capacity water heater.

Quality Of the Tank

Do you belong to an area where you received hard water? Before investing your money in the water heater, you should check its tank and the heating element material. Because these are the ones that come in contact with the hard water.

The hard water contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium. It can decrease the efficiency, impact the lifespan of the heater. So, choose a water heater that is efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

Safety Features

Every water heater is safe to use when you have a complete idea of the safety features. Before using, be aware of the risks. Check for the safety valve and the thermostat. In this way, you can be aware of the risk that causes your water heater damage and save your cost of installing a new water heater.

Energy Consumption

Installing a water heater can also increase the power bills significantly. If you don’t want to pay the high energy bills, you should pick the one that has energy-efficient capabilities. Along with that, you should also consider an ideal space where you can install it from professional water heater installation services in Riverside.

Final Thoughts

On a chilled winter morning, all you need is hot water. You can’t complete all of your day-to-day life tasks without the flow of hot water. Even when the weather is pleasant, some people also prefer warm showers because they are used to this.

Are you one of them? Now you can install it inside or outside the home without making any second thought. Learn the above guidelines and list of myths that we uncovered today to help you hire the best water heater installation services!

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