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Why Is Drain Cleaning Important for Home Maintenance?

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Experts recommend that you have to clean the drain system thoroughly every year. Your drains endure a lot of soap, foam, dirt, grease, etc. If you do not clean it properly, then on a bad day, it might severely clog. But clogging is not the end of it. A clean drain system has other advantages as well, such as fewer health issues, reduced risk of water damage, no unusual odors, etc.

With drain cleaning, you could find out whether it needs some repair or not. Thus, regular drain cleaning and repairing in San Diego can form a very successful maintenance routine. However, while hiring a professional drain cleaning and repair service in San Diego, you should choose a company that has licensed and certified plumbers with experience.

Both commercial and residential buildings could benefit immensely from regular drain cleaning. This writing will illustrate how drain cleaning can be beneficial for home maintenance.

Significance Of Drain Cleaning For Home Maintenance

No Clog Drains

Clogs can form after regularly using a drain system. All the grease, dirt, hair, and other waste material can build up in the toilet or kitchen pipes over time. Once it gets blocked completely, the water can no longer pass through the sink, bathtubs, toilet, etc. But if the situation gets worse, the water backflow and creates a mess. Furthermore, clogged drains can damage pipes if not cleaned out immediately. Like drain clogs, there could also be clogs in your freshwater pipes. So, experts recommend cleaning both of them. A good plumbing company will perform both tasks with success.

If you clean your drains properly, there will be less chance of clogging in the future. Experts recommend thorough cleaning every 12 months for homes and every six months for commercial buildings. There are many ways to clean the pipes so that it does not clog. One is by cleaning it manually. For this, you can either plunge it or remove the pipe itself to clean it. Other than that, you can use a chemical solution that will break down the clog. EZ Plumbing and Restoration uses chemicals safe for the environment and pets. Also, our chemical treatments are approved by EPA and FDA.

No Bad Odors

Even if the drains are not clogged, they can still be the source of the foul odor. The odor can make your living in the house difficult. The formation of unusual odors is due to the thriving of bacteria, algae, fungus, etc., in uncleaned drain pipes. More importantly, drains could have waste material on its wall, and when it decomposes, they can give rise to a filthy odor.

Dealing with odor can be as easy as spraying deodorants in the house, but it is not a permanent option. That is why professionals recommend regular cleaning of drains. With yearly cleaning, your drains will never stink, and if it does, a little drain cleaning solution will help it to ease off. Cleaning drains regularly is not about that problems will never occur. It is also about solving the emerging issues quickly if it arises.

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Less Risk Of Waterborne Illness

Drain problems are contagious in nature. It starts from one pipe, toilet, or bathtub and affects others in due time. It could also spread to freshwater pipes. One of the less-discussed aspects of drain cleaning is how it can help you ward off potential water-borne illnesses and infections.

Dirty water carries many bacteria spores, fungi, and viruses that are deadly even to a healthy person. The problem can be worse if you have children or pets in the house. That is why a professional recommends sanitization with drain cleaning. These will help to stop the microbe growth inside the drain system. There are also products that will inhibit the growth of microbes in the drains.

Less Risk Of Urgent And Emergency Repair

When you clean drains regularly, there is 68% less chance of drain clogging. Also, drain cleaning decreases the chances of leaking pipes, water backflow, or water damage. All of these problems are common in one way. But whenever you notice them, you have to call emergency teams for urgent and emergency drain repair services. An emergency repair is not that costly, especially if you are going for EZ Plumbing and Restoration, but it is also unaccounted for. An emergency repair can ruin your plans for weekends or hamper your peace of mind on weekdays.

By regular drain cleaning, you can save valuable time and energy for the things you enjoy. If you hire our professional plumber in San Diego, you do not have to stay at the property for cleaning. We have a very active customer service who will report you live updates about the job progress.

Improved Air Quality

Drain cleanings are linked with better air quality in your home. Believe it or not, drains can actually have an immense impact on your indoor atmosphere. As we have discussed, the sewage system harbors quite a large number of bacteria colonies. And as all microscopic life, they also move a lot through the air. Apart from the threats of microbes, there are also threats of foul odor. Also, small debris creates a risk that is usually not seen with naked eyes. A clean drain may also help to regulate moisture.

By regular cleaning, you and your family will enjoy fresh, breathable air without the need to install an air purifier promptly.

Overall Better Plumbing

Proper cleaning and repair of drains in San Diego will keep everything moving. Your pipes will work better, your appliance will be safer, and there will be minimum leaking, water damage, and slab leak damage. If there are other issues, the plumbers will find it easier to work on your property as there is one less problem to deal with. You can achieve all these by just cleaning your drain with the help of professionals in San Diego once a year. Other times, you just have to pour safe chemical solutions or hot water through sinks and bathtubs.

You can attempt to clean the drains by using a combination of chemicals and equipment. But it is best if you let a professional handle it for you. Professionals have safer chemicals and equipment, but most importantly, they know how to perform the task with care. They also have the additional benefit of guaranteed work, and there will be no legal trouble for you.

However, if your drain or sewage shows signs of clogging or producing a foul odor, there is damage or unwanted invasions. You might need professional help with drain repair services in San Diego. EZ Plumbing & Restoration is a well-established company that helps you with drain cleaning and repair across San Diego county.

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