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Best Methods To Locate A Water Leak Beneath A Concrete Slab

methods to locate water leak beneath concrete

A slab leak is one of the most severe possible plumbing problems that could happen to a property. It mainly means that there exists a leak beneath the concrete floor of the home. Slab leaks could be quite challenging to detect without correct tools or perhaps experience, yet there are a few things you should look out for that are all sturdy indications of problems. In case you run into some of these issues, make sure to call experts in water leak detection in San Diego immediately so that they can quickly do proper analysis and maintenance, if considered necessary.

There are reliable residential and commercial water leak detection services in San Diego provided by companies such as EZ Plumbing. These services are provided by certified technicians who have experience in using the best water damage restoration in San Diego and expertise in delivering fast and efficient solutions. The professionals are also skilled in installing commercial water leak detectors in San Diego or water leak detectors for commercial spaces.

If your house gets a leak during the night, on the weekend, or on holiday, our company is available to assist you 24/7. We offer emergency services to repair leakages of every type. Our emergency plumbing services will help you save capital and other damage that may disrupt the structure of your house.

How Specialists Detect You Could Have a Slab Leak

Your property does not have to be old for any slab leak to occur. There are many causes of destruction to the plumbing and/or the concrete part. Some of the most prevalent are:

Incorrect Construction

If the plumbing system is not of good quality or if it is not installed properly, it can cause a pipe leak. The circulation of water is strong and contributes to corrosion, especially in copper pipes. In old homes, copper pipes convey more corrosion and frequently have damage that is more serious. Do not ever assume that the sole option is always to jackhammer through the concrete and change the damaged pipe. Today’s trenchless pipelining concept makes it easier and more affordable to change the broken pipe with a new one without disrupting your home and your existence.

You can control water damage in your commercial premises by getting services such as the installation of commercial water leak detectors in San Diego.


Abrasion does not just manifest from the inside; it may happen on the exterior of the plumbing, too. In case they stroke against small parts or cement, or extra pipes, the abrasion may ultimately result in leaks.

Poor Water Quality

Water that may be either hard or smooth can end up in pipe corrosion. Acid water commonly leaves blue/green staining in the shower or basins, giving out a chlorine-like smell. Hard water often triggers mineral build-up on your water fixtures, makes your skin and also clothes experience dry and itching, and leaves water spots upon dishes and glasses. The standard pH of water is usually 7.0, and this should not differ much in either way. It is a wise decision to check the pH of the water frequently.

Shifting Soil

The ground under the tangible slab can easily shift because of normal chafing, underground water, or occasions like an earthquake. If the improvements made on the dirt causes your home to move slightly, it could cause plenty of pressure on the pipes to cause a leak. Often, destruction is significant and leads to severe water leaks.

If you are seeking services such as the installation of the best water leak detectors in San Diego, get in touch with expert plumbing companies with the resources to connect the device with water shut-off valves so that in case of water leaks, the damage can be controlled.

What You Could Know About Water Leak Detection Services in San Diego

A large number of household water leaks are certainly not immediately apparent or noticeable, meaning they will potentially go hidden for a long time. For instance, water lines to toilets, tub areas, bathtubs, and sinks are often located at the rear of walls, under floors, and underground. Sluggish leaks in concealed areas can cause intensive damage before you realize the leak is present. Professional plumbers l with the right leak detection gear and water leak detector.

We have specialized water detection systems that enable the service professionals to concentrate on the exact precise location of the leak. The equipment is accurate and enables our team to then do the repairs when needed and as effectively as possible. Contemporary water leak detection tools such as digital amplification devices and electromagnetic pipe locators lead plumber’s right to the origin of a leak with little disruption to your house. EZ plumbing experts are trained and able to use contemporary water leak detectors to recognize and solve leaks at any part of your home.

Water and Slab Leak Detection Technology

EZ Plumbers may use a variety of equipment and systems to find water leaks hidden underground, inside surfaces, and underneath concrete slabs.

These are there generally used leak detection equipment:

Acoustic Listening Gear

This kind of technology amplifies the sound of water leakages inside surfaces or below concrete slabs. These gadgets enable plumbers to calculate a water leak’s area before they will start searching or digging.

Video Inspection Gear

Little cameras allow plumbers to find out what is occurring inside plumbing. These devices have been used to get items like car keys and wedding bands from drain pipes. Measuring just how much cable went in the pipe before seeing the leak enables plumbers to effectively identify pipeline complications and determine the leak’s area.

Surface Probes

Dirt probe products give plumbers a good simple way to see pressurized normal water shooting into the soil encircling water systems or sewer lines. This technology may minimize simply how much of your backyard is dug up in an attempt to find and repair the leaky pipe.

By applying the appropriate equipment, a slab leak can be found and restored with little interruption. In most cases, just one-floor tile will have to be removed and replaced to be able to effectively seal off leaks beneath your floor. If you think you might have a base leak and need support with the installation of the best water leak detectors in San Diego, give EZ plumbing a call today for help!

How Experts Repair Slab Leaks

The highly trained professionals perform a comprehensive detection procedure during a leak inspection. We make use of special equipment and technology to find the leak source and determine a restoration solution.

We will talk about your restoration options after the inspection is done. With every choice we provide, the technicians exercise care to reduce damage to your home.

You can trust us to give you the best service if you water leak detection service in San Diego. Our years of experience and the expertise of our licensed experts helps us manage any level of water leak repairs.

The Take-Home Message On Slab Leak Repair

Just in case you suspect slab leak problems, EZ plumbing has experience in water leak detection in San Diego and repair, and their services are trusted by property owners and business owners throughout the county. We are ready to answer your call. Contact us to get quick, dependable water leak detection services in San Diego.

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