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Slab Leak Repair in Oceanside, CA


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Slab leaks can sometimes cause significant damage to your property. They can warp your flooring, elevate your water bills, reduce the water pressure, and a lot more.

EZ’s skilled and experienced plumbing service experts in Oceanside, CA, can carry out various kinds of slab leak repairs.

We offer spot repairs, repiping, rerouting, and cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) according to the magnitude of the problem.

Our repair methods are minimally invasive and you need not even move out of your property while we are carrying out repairs.

EZ’s repiping and rerouting experts use highly flexible and durable PEX pipes to ensure that you do not face any recurrences anytime soon. Call us for any slab leak repair Oceanside!

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Water Damage in Oceanside, CA

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Water damage can be caused by burst pipes, sewer backup, overflowing appliances, floods, storms, and numerous other events. EZ provides high-quality flood damage restoration services in Oceanside regardless of the source and extent of the damage. We know that the Oceanside flood service must be restored as early as possible to avoid irreversible damage to your property and belongings. That is why EZ’s water damage Oceanside are available 24X7 throughout the year. Our vehicles are always stocked with essential inspection, water extraction, dehumidification, and drying equipment that are necessary for emergency water damage repairs near you.

We have the utmost concern for your health. That is why we check the humidity level of your home or office space and use industrial dehumidifiers to keep it in control. We also carry out mold removal, odor removal, and whole-house disinfection to eliminate all kinds of health hazards. Our powerful pumps and vacuums can remove large volumes of water to bring your property back to its pre-damage condition as early as possible.

Water Heater Repair in Oceanside, CA

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Water Heater Repair in Oceanside

If your water heater has developed a leak or is producing water that is too hot or too cold, call EZ immediately. Our experts can identify the problem immediately and solve it in very little time. We can test for short circuits, replace heating elements, fix your gas and electric connections, repair leaks, and much more.

Water Heater Installation in Oceanside

It is never advisable to install water heaters on your own without the assistance of a skilled professional. EZ hires well-trained and experienced experts who can install gas, electric, and tankless water heaters of all brands. Our installations are extremely affordable and 100% guaranteed. Call EZ for a free estimate now.

Water Heater Replacement and Maintenance in Oceanside

If you wish to replace your damaged or outdated water heater with the latest variety, EZ’s water heater replacement services are ideal for you. Our experts can give you suggestions as to which brand and variety is best suited for your needs. We also provide regular water heater maintenance services to ensure that your appliance functions optimally.

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Plumbing Repair Services Near You?

Plumbing issues such as slab leaks, water damage, and water heater malfunctions require immediate attention from a skilled professional. That is why EZ’s experts are available 24X7 to provide emergency plumbing repairs in Oceanside, CA. We make it a point to reach your property within an hour of your call. Our services are highly affordable and we work directly with your insurance company to speed up your insurance claims. We strive to provide services that are prompt and flawless. If you experience any issues soon after we have carried out repairs, we shall refund the entire amount you paid us. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority. Our experts always keep in mind the customer’s needs and limitations and make decisions accordingly. We empower all our customers to play an important role in the decision-making process. Although EZ’s experts might advise you regarding the most economical and energy-efficient option, your choice will be considered final.

Our experts are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They are made to go through a rigorous training process and are bonded and insured. No matter how grave your plumbing issue is, our experts will have an economical solution for it. You can ask them any questions regarding your plumbing issue, and they will answer with a smile. If you are employed by the police or the military or if you are a senior or a teacher, we have special discount packages for you. Our services are eco-friendly too. We adhere to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines while discarding objects that have been destroyed by water damage. Besides, the water heaters we install are energy-efficient too. So, get in touch with us now and we assure you that you won’t have to regret your decision later.

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