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Nine Plumbing Trouble That Could Hint More Severe Challenges

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Notice anything different recently with your plumbing? As a rule of thumb, anything out of the ordinary demands immediate inspection. Nevertheless, some problems are very insignificant in nature, therefore, could wait a while before being resolved.
However, there are certain kinds of problems that should not be treated lightly. Since many plumbing problems can become considerably worse with time, ignoring such situations may lead to disastrous expenditure in the near future on insurance and repair. We have identified nine such problems which are common across all the plumbing systems. If these problems or situations are present, you should contact your trusted company for plumbing service in Los Angeles.

Weak flow of water

If the flow of the water is weak in your property, it might signal a big leak somewhere around the property. This kind of leakage will increase in the future; therefore, you should always notice these little things. However, the weak flow does not always mean a leak. If the supply of water is slower, it will be slow as well.

High water bills

High water bills are a significant indicator of a leak in your property. Always compare your water bills with the previous ones, and if there is a sudden spike in your bills, you should hire a plumber in Los Angeles to check your lines. A good rule of thumb is to look for a sudden 20% increase in one month and a gradual 10% increase in 3 months. Both of them indicate a leak, although the former one shows a big leak, and the latter one shows a leak that is getting worse.

Blockage in the drain

If the water is coming back out of your kitchen sink, bathtubs, and shower drains, there might be a blockage in your drain system. Drain blockage is a very bad condition, and you should not waste even an hour. Usually, the grease, bones, peels, etc., are responsible for kitchen line blockage, and hair, soap, gunks, and skin flakes are the reason for bathroom line blockage.
If you do not treat drain blockages as early as possible, they will get worse with time. So much so that it can ruin your entire plumbing system and cause a flood on your property. You might think that liquid drain cleaner will help, but it rarely does in such cases. Blocked drains need careful assessment and even more careful solutions. A sewage backup is the worst thing that you can have on your property, and the sewage backup is the logical conclusion to blocked drains.

Very bad odors

Very bad odors are typically very good indications that something seriously wrong is going on the property. Bad odor is caused by hidden molds, blocked pipes, hidden water damage, drain pipe failures, hidden leaks, etc. You should immediately try to find out what has gone wrong, and you will find out the root cause. Using a powerful deodorant will only be a temporary solution, and the underlying cause might get worse with time.

Discolored waters

This is one of the most common plumbing problems in old homes. The discolored water is due to years of dirt and corrosion accumulating inside of the pipe. If it is dirt, it will go away after a few days. If it is corrosion, then it will persist for more than a few weeks. If you cannot tell the difference, it is better to call an expert as corrosion is extremely hazardous for humans. The discoloration can also be the reason for sediment buildup from hard water. Hard water is very bad for pipes, so you might need to install a water softener.

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Water damage signs

Wet, damp floors, puddles of water, discoloration on walls, flooring decay, dripping noises, etc. are the signs of water damage. If you do not restore your property right away, the problem will cost you significantly in the future. Water damage is so bad that in 2 months, your property could become unlivable. So hire a plumber in Los Angeles as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Molds in the property

Molds are very bad for you, your family, and your home. If there are signs of mold inside your home, there could be something wrong in other places as well. Molds are caused by any source of constant moisture. It could be caused by leaking pipes, slab leaks, or even water damage.

Slow draining in kitchen and shower

Water not draining fast enough in the shower and kitchen is a pretty severe indication of something significantly wrong. Slow drains can be due to mold growth in pipes, sediment buildup, and blockage. While slow draining bathroom sinks are not clogged, it usually leads to severe clogging afterward. All the mentioned reasons for the slow draining require accurate assessment and repair. So hire a company that is well-experienced in drain cleaning in Los Angeles.

Leaked pipes

Leaking pipes can be benign. But it can be severe as well. For example, a leaking pipe under the bathroom sink might be connected with other issues such as blocks in the drain line, or it could be a localized problem itself. But you have to make sure what it really is to avoid costly repairs in the future. Leaks are a central plumbing problem. There can be hidden leaks, leaks in your appliance, and leaks in the main line, to name a few. All of these problems are different and might involve different techniques such as re-piping, repairing, camera inspection, infrared inspection, tunneling, etc.
The problems discussed above can happen to any property. While it is quite unfortunate to add extra bills into your budget out of nowhere, if you delay them, they can become very expensive later. The good news is, at the earlier stages, these are relatively easy to deal with. Experts with experience and skill take no more than a few hours to detect and repair the problems. Problems in sewage lines or blocks in the pipes might take longer than a day, but in the end, delaying is not worth the risk.

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