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What to Do When Shower and Toilet Drains Are Clogged At the Same Time?

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Has this happened to you? It is early in the morning, it is time to get to work, and then your bathroom overflows as soon as you flush it. Annoying, right?

Next, you get in the shower, and the water pools to the feet. What is the problem? You might think that both your toilet and shower drains are blocked.

You would be wrong. There is a strong likelihood that your sewer line is clogged.

If you have ever faced a scenario in which your toilet and shower plumbing is clogged at the same time, the root cause of the problem is a clogged sewer line.

In most cases, all your drains in the bathroom are joined to one bigger pipeline that links to the sewer lines outside your house. When there is a blockage in this pipeline, water from the drains cannot move downward but will move upward.

If the shower and toilet drains are both clogged, it could be due to the blockage downstream from the area where the shower and toilet connect with the underlying sewer main. Such a scenario also indicates that there is an obstruction deeper enough to affect and back up both drains.

There is also the possibility that both drain lines got backed up at the same time due to different reasons. Such coincidences are rare.

How To Keep The Toilet And Shower From Being Clogged At The Same Time

There are a few simple preventative measures you can take to keep your toilet and shower drains running smoothly.

Regular Drain Clearing

Rinse all drains – toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, once or twice a month. You could use hot water and vinegar.

Put Hair-stoppers on Shower Drains

You could install a hair-stopper on your shower drains. Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. You could also get advice from an expert offering services to clean clogged drains in San Diego about how to maintain your drain lines.

Put Lint Traps in Washing Machine's Drain Line

By putting a lint trap, you can prevent the dirt and debris washed away from clothes from clogging your drain line.

Prevent Grease from Going Down the Drain Lines

Warm grease going down a drain will accumulate somewhere. When it cools, it will congeal. A lot of stuff gets stuck in this congealed grease, causing an obstruction or drain clogging. For such kinds of clogs, it is better to get assistance from experienced plumbers offering solutions to clean clogged drains in San Diego.

Use Drain Covers

So many things inadvertently go down the bathroom drain – combs, batteries, glasses, mobiles, toys, etc. The most effective way to avoid such events is by putting in place drain covers.

Plumbing Inspections

It is highly recommended to conduct a plumbing inspection once or twice a year. Hire a qualified plumbing professional offering services such as drain cleaning in San Diego. A plumbing inspection of the drain lines will also help you with preventive maintenance of drain lines.

What To Do When Dealing With A Blocked Sewer Main

A blocked sewer main is not something it is possible to handle on your own. So just set aside all those DIY guidelines immediately. Switch off your primary water supply immediately, and call a licensed plumber offering services such as sewer line and Drain Cleaning in San Diego.

Unclogging sewage mains require the use of methods and techniques only professionals can carry out. The inspection, diagnosis of problems, and repair options need to be in compliance with codes and industry standards. There are numerous health hazards too that cannot be ignored.

How Professional Plumbers Remove A Sewer Line Blockage

Licensed and experienced sewer and drain service San Diego plumbers have the best equipment and tools to detect and inspect drain and sewer line problems.

  • Professional Drain Snaking: This can be done using a camera to find out the exact location of clogging. The professional will then take the right measures to remove the drain clogs. An expert offering drain cleaning in San Diego will also give the best advice to keep drains clean and well-maintained.
  • Video pipe inspection: If your drain line pipes have been installed several decades back, getting a video pipe inspection done is most helpful. Plumbers identify not only the exact areas and causes of blockage but also damage to pipes and possibilities for leaks and a pipe burst.
  • Hydro Jetting Services: Applying pressurized water jets, the expert plumbers get rid of roots and obstructions along with other accumulation such as oil or pipe scale. A specialist offering solutions for treating clogged drains in San Diego will conduct hydro jetting in a flawless manner and make your sewer lines 100% functional.
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs: Sewer line clogs also occur due to pipe damage. Following a video pipe inspection, professionals offering sewer and drain service in San Diego will suggest what kind of trenchless repair options are most appropriate.

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