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What Is Included In The Drain Cleaning Service?

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Is your bathroom sink draining slowly? Or your kitchen sink is not draining, but the pipes are clear as far as you can see? Does the water backup inside your home? And the slow-draining bathroom sinks are not clogged, yet the water just will not go? All of these could be warning signs of unclean drains.

Unclean and clogged drains are bad for you and your property. Unclean and clogged drains can result in many hazardous events such as sewage backup, leakage, and bursting.

Unclean drains also degrade the quality of the air and cause a foul smell in the house, but most importantly, they can slowly damage your entire plumbing system. This is why you must identify the symptoms of clogged or unclean drains and clean them as early as possible.

You can clean and unclog the drains on your own. There is nothing wrong with trying to use a plunger or a mixture of baking soda or apple cider vinegar. These are very common methods used by every household to unclog the drains. However, they are not always effective. You can try to use store-bought products, but they are very harsh on your drain pipes; therefore, it is best to avoid using them.

If you want to properly clean your drain in very little time while making sure that the clogs do not come back, you can hire professionals for drain cleaning in San Diego. Drain cleaning companies have the advantage of being experienced and precise. They will take far less time, and the job will be flawless. For example, the very first thing they do is to have a drain camera inspection. Even if you have a drain camera, you cannot operate it like them. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call the experts in San Diego.

The blog will discuss what steps and services you can expect to be included in the drain cleaning service.


Kitchen and bathroom lines are very prone to clogging. Clogs in bathroom pipes usually happen due to oil, debris, hair, and soaps. In contrast, clogs in the kitchen pipes are mainly due to food scraps and grease. The drain cleaning experts focus on “what the actual problem is?”.

To find out the exact problem, they use a combination of sophisticated equipment. Video pipe inspections are commonplace nowadays. These are done through sophisticated plumbing pipe cameras. It has a fixed camera and a flexible cable. This lets the experts correctly identify the location of the problem.

A good expert never makes haste; instead, he or she will take his time to analyze the condition. There are a lot of variables, even in types of clogs, that can have long-term consequences. So a good sewer line inspection can save a lot of hassle afterward.

Cleaning and Clog Removal

Drain Snaking

A good drain cleaning service will use a multitude of methods and products to deal with your drain. One of the most common ways to break the clog is drain snaking. There is machine-assisted drain snaking as well as manual drain snaking. In this method, a long cable is used to clean the drain and break away the clog. This is common because it is relatively quick and risk-free. The drain line will never suffer major damage during drain snaking.

Drain Auger

It is very similar to drain snaking, except it is more common for big drain pipes. The devices for both drain auger and drain snaking can go up to 100+ feet, so make sure you hire a company with the most updated tools and technology.

Drain augers are used for bigger drain pipes such as shower drains or toilet drains. They can also be used
to unclog bathroom sinks. Remember that drain augers are used for 1.5 inches to 3 inches pipes. Anything less than that is in the territory of drain-snaking devices.

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Manual Cleaning

Apart from the previously discussed devices, the drain experts will also clean and unclog the drains using manual methods. If the problem is near the visible pipe section, it is not worth it to use highly precise devices. Plunges, toilet wands, mop, bucket, and scrub are enough.

Chemical Cleaning

The experts might also use chemicals to unclog and clean the drains. These are not typical store-bought drain cleaners with harsh chemicals. The right drain cleaners will use EPA and FDA-approved products that are environmentally responsible and easier on the line.

Hydro jetting

So, what is hydro jetting? Hydro jetting in San Diego is one of the best methods that you can use to clean heavily clogged sewer lines and drain lines. In hydro jetting, plumbers use high-pressure water to clean the drain out. It will destroy any hard and tenacious blockages your line might have.

Minor Repairs

After cleaning, you might find out that your pipes, showers, sink, etc., have suffered from damage. It is always a better idea to repair any minor problems immediately so that it does not become big afterward. Better drain cleaning companies are a one-stop solution. They will certainly have the means to perform minor repairs promptly with the drain cleaning in San Diego.


Prevention is better than cure. After cleaning your drains, you should ask your drain cleaning experts for preventative techniques to stop future drain clogs and problems. You can collect an enzymatic drain cleaner to prevent organic buildup, you can use high-quality deodorants in your house to deal with bad odor, and you can use sanitizers regularly to stop microbial growth in your drain.


The question remains, how often should you have your main sewer line cleaned? It is usually between 12-18 months, depending on your property. Regular maintenance can be an excellent way to deal with future drain problems proactively. All the leading drain cleaning and drain repair companies provide maintenance services. The maintenance services usually include assessment, hydro jetting, and drain cleaning. We recommend a thorough drain cleaning once every 18 months for your home and once every year for businesses. Restaurants and similar industries may need more visits.

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